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Coming to theatres this Friday from director Seth Gordon and Universal Pictures comes a comedy that takes on an IDENTITY THIEF.

This film tells the story of Sandy Bigelow Patterson (Jason Bateman), husband, father and businessman living a simple life in Denver. Trying to work his way up the corporate ladder he makes a big decision to change his life. What he doesn’t know is that a woman in Miami, Sandy Bigelow Patterson aka Diana (Melissa McCarthy) is about to change him for the worse.

With a quick phone call Diana steals Sandy’s identity and begins a spending spree that within days catches up with Sandy when he is arrested. After the cops figure out he is not THAT Sandy Patterson they set him free but won’t do anything about Diana. When his boss Daniel (John Cho) threatens to fire him, Sandy asks for one week to track down this identity thief and force a confession from her!

The plan doesn’t go well when its clear Sandy isn’t the only one who wants Diana. Immediately they are chased by shady credit card thieves and a bounty hunter. Now it’s a race to see who gets to Denver first and how crazy Diana can make everyone!

FINAL WORD: There is some absolutely hysterical about Melissa McCarthy. She has such comedic timing that keeping up with her is mind-boggling. I absolutely love that she takes her character to so many different places both emotionally and physically. Getting noticed from the film BRIDESMAIDS many people would be surprised to know that in 2003 she was the Goth girl in THE LIFE OF DAVID GAYLE and her career goes back as far as 1997. With her television show “Mike & Molly” such a hit I can’t wait to see her role in the upcoming THE HANGOVER III.

Jason Bateman has always been a favorite for me. He has the straight man act down pat. There doesn’t seem to be anything this actor can’t do. Coming from child to adult star, Bateman proves that the transition can be successful when you have a twisted sense of humor, which he obviously has. From PAUL to HORRIBLE BOSSES, Bateman fans are truly waiting for him to return in the teasing news of the film release of the hit television series ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. In IDENTITY THIEF he continues to do what he does well – play the straight man full of heart with an occasional outburst, which usually has me cracking up pretty good.

Film Brat has her own opinion about the film. “Its not as funny as I thought it would be. McCarthy is funny however. Both Bateman and McCarthy are funny actors so one would think they would be awesome together. I was expecting more. There wasn’t as much laughing, as I wanted. It went from a comedy to a sappy drama by the end.”

Other cast include: Amanda Peet as Trish Patterson, T.I. as Julian, Genesis Rodriguez as Marisol, Morris Chestnut as Detective Reilly, Robert Patrick as Skiptracer, Ben Falcone as Tony, Eric Stonestreet as Big Chuck and Jon Favreau as Harold Cornish.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give IDENTITY THIEF three tubs of popcorn out of five. This comedy has many good points and some comedy that is really funny. The downside is the gags are dragged out to long and there are characters in the story that don’t need to be there.

That being said Bateman and McCarthy are wonderful together. There is something sweet and endearing when they are on the screen – even if he is smacking her with a guitar. These two actors balance each other well and there are moments I would remember after the scene was over and still laugh.

In the end – she’s having the time of his life!

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