On DVD in time for holiday giving from TruTV is the hilarious IMPRACTICAL JOKERS: The Complete Second Season.

Oh yes, the boys are back for season two but I digress….

In 2011, Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn and James Murray aka The Tenderloins spent time coaxing one another to prank in public while they filmed. Of course there have been television shows that have some of the same premise but, and I mean but, the friend chosen to do the prank has no idea what it is until the others tell him moments before its to be done.

THAT is where the hilarity ensues! These friends (and you’d have to be to pull off some of this stuff) are told what to say through an earpiece they are wearing. Off somewhere else, the other three are watching on monitors and laughing themselves crazy.

Now that you’re all caught up, or are you since the gang is going into its fourth season, there are guys most of us would like to hang out with. So much so that Jenise aka Film Brat practically stopped traffic in downtown San Diego during Comic Con when she spotted Q and Sal across the street.

All I heard was a squeal and a blur as she made her way to them (so much for being in disguise – can’t fool Red!). It didn’t take long before others joined in wanting their picture with two of the most ordinary looking guys in the midst of not-so-ordinary looking Comic-Con’rs! It was pretty awesome actually.

Listening to the fans talk to Q and Sal it is quite clear that there is an army of people who find what these guys do hilarious and worth every moment spent watching. That’s what makes a great show and IMPRACTICAL JOKERS is just that!

The DVD includes a three disc set and on Disc One has Elephant in the Room, Art Attack, Strip High Five, Birds and the Bees, Do Something to my Face, Sound Effexx, The Truth Hurts and Psychic Not-Line.

Disc Two has Get Out of Dodge, Love Expert, Out of Fashion, Scaredy Cat, Joker Vs. Joker, Down in the Dump, Human Piñata, Sweat the Small Things, and Film Fail.

Disc Three has Not Safe for Work, The Alliance, Everything’s Just Rosie, Enter the Dragons, Dog Days of Bummer, Sorry for Your Loss, All the Wrong Moves, Cyber Buddies and Trouble Shoot.

TruTV is a reality network or ‘actuality’ television provider that is owned by Turner Broadcasting. Bringing such shows as Barmageddon, Fake Off, Friends of the People, How to be a Grown Up and South Beach Tow, it is all capped off with TruTV’s Top Funniest. For more of what they have to offer and a list of full episodes go to www.trutv.com.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give IMPRATICAL JOKERS: The Complete Second Season four tubs of popcorn out of five. Here’s the thing folks, if you haven’t figured out by now I am the leader of a very twisted family. Knowing that alone would explain why we find this show completely hilarious! Every uncomfortable moment that each of the guy’s experiences is fun for the viewer – that would be you and me.

It is very rare that one of the fellas would refuse a bit, oh it’s happened but it’s rare. That’s what gives the show that extra bit of fun when the uncomfortable moments give way to the ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ thought process.

Of course there is always the macho factor and A) not wanting to be the guy who doesn’t go through with it and B) not wanting to be shown up by the other guys. Either way it provides the audience some great laughs and an appearance from Rosie O’Donnell.

In the end – nothing is off limits – NOTHING!



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