Coming to DVD from director/writer Jack Thomas Smith and Virgil Films with the true meaning of dysfunctional family with its INFLICTION.

This film tells the story of two brothers John (Jason Mac) and Kenneth Stiles (Elliott Armstrong) who decide to right some personal wrongs. They begin with a family court judge who has no idea why he is targeted until John provides him with papers. Recognizing them, the judge tells both boys he stands by his decision as John does as well.

With their cameras documenting everything, younger brother Kenneth questions why this is all being done. His memory is not as clear as his older brothers who remembers every single detail.

Continuing on their murdering spree, they decide that its time to take on the people responsible for their pain. Beginning with sister Andrea (Ana Shaw) things take a twisted turn and everything comes crashing – however calmly – down around them.

It only takes one act to send a ripple into the future.

FINAL WORD: Mac as John is clearly the brains of the operation. The scary part is that those brains are angry and want revenge. So much so that there isn’t a moment’s hesitation in anything he does. After capturing a victim he explains, allows them to babble and then completes his ‘task’. John keeps his composure, and his camera, 99% of the time. Only once does an ounce of humanity begin to show itself.

Armstrong as Kenneth has no problem filming everything he sees. Throughout the film it is clear that he’s with his older brother’s plan but unsure why. With each victim he asks questions and but never digs deep because of what he might discover about himself. In any other situation he’s be a young handsome kid with a full life ahead of him. Kenneth doesn’t see himself like that at all, very scary actually.

Shaw as Andrea has the same goal as her brothers only with a lot of twists. She has no problem what so ever making sure she survives everything life throws her way. Knowing her brothers are on a rampage, Andrea kicks self preservation into high gear and also wanting answers of her own. Man when she stares at the camera I want to run the other way!

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Other cast include: Catherine Trail, Don Henderson Baker, Mahri Shelton, Kimball Ewonus, Darren Kendrick, Gina Travis, and Ruthanne Gereghty.

FINAL WORD: I give INFLICTION three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Using the “found-footage” genre of filmmaking, the storyline is actually quite frightening. Sometimes the worst horror is that which we inflict upon each other – hence the brilliant name for the film.

It is actually nicely filmed (I’m not a huge fan of all the jumbling of cameras) and little by little the story unfolds. There are a few moments of lag but nothing that takes away from what the film is trying to impart.

Director Smith says, “Working on INFLICTION left me troubles and haunted. It left me thinking about people’s actions or lack thereof and the inevitable domino effect. We all walk our own path in life, which shapes and defines us. What happens to us today, good or bad, will affect generations to come”.

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In the end – there is a blurred line between society’s criminals and victims.



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