Opening in theatres this weekend from directors Ethan and Joel Coen and CBS Films comes the life INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.

This film tells the story of Llewyn (Oscar Isaac), a young man seemingly lost in the folk singing side of 1961 Greenwich Village. Lost in the sense that Llewyn has no job and hops from couch to couch.

Once the member of a group, tragedy has set him back emotionally as well. Staying and singing with friend Jim (Justin Timberlake) there is underlying hostility with his girlfriend Jean (Carey Mulligan).

Llewyn also, from time to time, stays with the Gorfein’s who have a cat that plagues his life. His sister is not happy, his father doesn’t respond to him well and, while on a road trip with Johnny Five (Garrett Hedlund) and Roland Turner (John Goodman), Llewyn knows he has to do something with his life.

In other words – welcome to the world Llewyn Davis.

FINAL WORD: Isaac in the role of Llewyn Davis has the right look of a folks singer in the sixties. His vocals are lovely. I’m trying to find what else I liked about the character but to be honest he reminded me of friends I use to have and that’s not a good thing. So either Isaac did a good job of making me not like Llewyn or I need to seek therapy for obvious “friend” issues that are unresolved. Either way I liked Isaac in SUCKER PUNCH!

It was nice to hear Mulligan sing again and opposite the amazing Justin Timberlake. Her last vocal stretch was as Sissy in the hot-n-heavy film SHAME. Other than that her role of Jean is that of an angry girlfriend who did something she shouldn’t have. Instead of being reasonable she instead turns into uber-wench and that’s when I checked out pretty much. Or maybe Llewyn was rubbing off on me, I don’t know.

Timberlake as Jim gets to play the clean cut John Denver pre-Rocky-Mountain-High folk singer who looks good in a cardigan. There was such an innocence in his character but that’s the 60’s right? There is a catchy tune in the song between Timberlake, Isaac and Driver called ‘Please Mr. Kennedy’ that got stuck in my head for a week!

Not sure what Hedlund and Goodman were doing but by the time they showed up on the screen I really didn’t care.

Other cast include: Jeanine Serralles as Joy, Jake Ryan as Danny, Adam Driver as Al Cody, Stark Sands as Troy Nelson, Alex Karpovsky as Marty Green Helen Hong as Janet Fung, Jerry Grayson as Mel Novikoff, Max Casella as Pappi Corsicato, Ethan Phillips as Mitch Gorfein, Robin Bartlette as Lillian Gorfein, and F. Murray Abraham as Bud Grossman.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS three tubs of popcorn out of five. I know I’m suppose to be sublimely elated, enthralled and blessed to have seen this because it’s a Coen brother’s film – yea, I’m just not. But if it makes anything better I did love the cat!

For 105 minutes I get the weary task of watching this sad faced folk singer sleep with an angry Carey Mulligan, sing with Justin Timberlake, leave John Goodman in a drug stupor, yell ridiculously at what I think are pretty cool neighbors, use people ridiculously, go into depressions at his own crap until he has to do what he doesn’t want to do. Have I got that right?

Trust me this film has already received like a zillion nominations for a go-zillion awards and that’s great. I’m sure we’ll see more nominations in the name-brand award shows as well. I get that some films are a matter of taste but with this one I’m just not that hungry.

The saving grace of the film is Isaac’s performing the music. The songs are hauntingly beautiful and the CD is totally amazing. I think I’ve played it about five or six times actually. See, I’m not knocking the film totally.

In the end – it’s a look inside Llewyn Davis!

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