Preparing to bring thrills and chills Friday in theaters from director Adam Robitel and Universal Pictures is good ole fashioned fright from “Insidious: The Last Key.”

Elise (Lin Shaye) is plagued by dreams of the childhood house she once lived in with a violent father Gerard (Josh Stewart), endearing mother Melissa (Spencer Locke) and little brother Christian in 1952. When she receives a telephone call from a man named Ted (Kirk Acevedo) pleading for help, Elise is shocked when he gives her the address.

It is the house she left so many years ago in New Mexico. Knowing she must return to face whatever is spiritually infesting the house, Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) aren’t about to let her go without them.

Almost immediately the house begins to reveal its secrets that Elise had blocked out for so many years. She also tried to meet up with her brother Christian (Bruce Davison) and Elise meets two nieces Imogen (Caitlin Gerard) and Melissa (Spencer Locke). Christian obviously holds hard feelings toward his sister.

The house wants what the house wants and now it becomes a family affair when Elise must go deeper into ‘The Further’ than she ever has before discovering horrifying secrets and to save the ones she loves.

But, will KeyFace allow that to happen!

Shaye as Elise has taken this character in so many different directions but I’m thrilled that she returned to tell her own story. I have always been a fan of Shaye as an actress and equally thrilled that the storyline let her continue to bring us the hauntingly spooky journey of this parapsychologist who isn’t afraid of much. Not saying her nerves don’t get rattled but she sucks it up and charges in!

Whannell as Specs also jumps right in and makes sure that Elise is covered and protected. Thought a little goofy, Specs is more sweet than nerdy. The hilarious nerd prize goes to Sampson as Tucker because I could not stop laughing at everything he does. Elise has her hands full reining him in when he gets sidetracked.

Gerard as Imogen is a little standoffish to meet an Aunt she didn’t know she had but that changes when stepping into her father’s house once again. Locke as Melissa is thrilled to meet Elise and admits that she doesn’t know the history her father is so upset about.

Davison as brother Christian is holding a grudge and its one heck of a long grudge. It’s good to see him on screen again and although his role is small, it works. Javier Botet takes on the role of KeyFace and totally rocks it. The keys on the fingertips is a little unnerving but hey, it kept the audience on their toes.

Other cast include Amanda Jaros as Mara Jennings, Marcus Henderson as Det. Whitfield, Aleque Reid as Anna, Ava Kolker as young Elise, and Pierce Pope as young Christian.

For the first scary movie of the year, “Insidious: The Last Key” doesn’t disappoint. The audience jumped, yelled, scared each other and even took time to laugh to shake away the frights. That’s what I love about the “Insidious” films, just having a good time without tons of ridiculous slashing or gore.

Director Robitel keeps the feel that previous “Insidious” director James Wan set up as a successful roadmap to follow. Of course, the title of the film is “The Last Key” and I’m hoping, no matter how much I think the films are cool, that there is a realization that it’s time to stop although I don’t think it will happen. Let’s go out on a high note shall we?

So after a very busy holiday season “Insidious: The Last Key” is a great film to go and just have some jumpy fun. Grab popcorn (hold with both hands), a few friends who just want to have a little theater fun and enjoy the jolts, jumps and laughs the film will bring.

In the end — fear comes home!



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