Coming to DVD from director/writer Perry Bhandal and WELL GO USA Entertainment comes an INTERVIEW WITH A HITMAN.

This film tells the story of Viktor (Luke Goss), a ruthless assassin who has seen more in his life than most. Raised in the ghettos of Romania, Viktor doesn’t trust anyone – and people continue to keep him from trusting!

When Viktor is betrayed by the very man who trained him, and in the most ruthless of ways, he escapes. There he meets Bethesda (Caroline Tillette), a woman who brings out feelings he has not had before thinking he might just have a normal life.

But not everything is as it seems, as Viktor must come to terms with his former boss while trying to escape the past that continues to haunt him.

FINAL WORD: Goss carries this movie perfectly. For a role that doesn’t call for many lines he manages quite well to put a solid performance in as a hitman with a conscience. Trying to get away from an ugly past built on distrust and pain, for Viktor it would never be easy. Goss’ performance is subtle and reflective.

Tillette as Bethesda manages to capture Viktor’s heart. Its not so difficult as Tillette is a lovely character but as with all lovely characters there are still problems. Her performance is spot on and if you haven’t seen GAINSBOURGH: A HEROIC LIFE, make a point of it to see Tillette’s performance in it.

Stephen Marcus as Traffikant and Danny Midwinter as Sergei add tension and drama to an already tense and dramatic storyline. Well done!

Other cast include: Philip Whitchurch as Tosca, Patrick Lyster as Xavier, Ray Panthaki as Franco, Uriel Pollack as Alexandru and Elliot Greene as young Viktor.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give INTERVIEW WITH A HITMAN three tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is very subtle and although about a hitman it is more than that. The film also traces the characters steps back so his actions in the future make sense. Goss gets a chance to us action instead of words and personally, I don’t think words would work on these guys anyway!

The DVD itself has “The Making of INTERVIEW WITH A HITMAN” Featurette which gives viewers a chance to hear and see how much of the film and story was put together.

Well Go USA Entertainment brings so much to their DVD’s with blu-ray and digital formats. They bring top content and the best of Asian Cinema to North American and if you don’t believe me check them out at for more of what they have to offer fans.

In the end – trust no one, feel nothing and never lose!

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