Raging into theatres Friday from director Steven Quale and Village Roadshow is what happens when you run INTO THE STORM.

This film tells the story about the small town of Silverton. As the senior year of high school comes to an end Donnie (Max Deacon) is making a time-capsule of interviews for his father Gary (Richard Armitage) who is the vice-principle. With the help of brother Trey (Nathan Kress) they plan to set up cameras at the graduation ceremony.

Outside of town is Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies), a storm researcher who is working for Pete (Matt Walsh), a die hard storm chaser. Along with their tank complete with the most sophisticated equipment, there goal is to find the biggest storms with Daryl (Arlen Escarpeta) and photographer Jacob (Jeremy Sumpter).

What none of them expects are the worst storms in history to hit one after another as Donnie and Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam Carey) struggle to escape from under the rubble of the first tornado. The town idiots Donk (Kyle Davis) and Reevis (Jon Reep) take home movies of everything.

Survival is the goal of some and the shot-of-the-century for others but Mother Nature has plans of her own!

FINAL WORD: Deacon is the cutie high schooler having difficulty relating to Dad and the death of Mom. This is a good platform for Deacon to be seen but the not relating/death of parent thing is getting fairly predictable. Being the shy guy with a crush, he is endearing.

Armitage as Gary is the concerned upstanding vice-principal. He is the man who jumps into action when the school is in danger and jumps even farther when it’s his own son. Kress as Trey is the family comic relief and dare-devil.

Callies as Allison plays the researcher trusting her instincts to find the storm the group is looking for. At home is a young daughter waiting for her return. That being said – it’s hard to watch a woman on screen moan and groan about not being there for her child as if not knowing that said job would take her away. Yep, made the role immediately unbelievable for me. Blah, Blah, whine, whine!

Walsh as Peter loves his truck and hates having anyone work with him. Escarpeta as Daryl is the peace keeper. Sumpter as Jacob is the guy who should have left much sooner. Carey as Kaitlyn doesn’t have a large role but is necessary for Deacon.

Davis as Donk is ridiculous but mildly amusing along with Reep as Reevis. Never give these two a video camera and put them in the middle of crazy because they’ll deliver.

Other cast include: Lee Whittaker as Lucas, Scott Lawrence as Principal Walker, David Drumm as Chester, and Brandon Ruiter as Todd White.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give INTO THE STORM two and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. First, let me say that the 1996 film TWISTER give the audience much more of a story line than this film does. There is an equal balance of character and action that is the main reason I have watched it more times than I can count!

INTO THE STORM has a shoddy (yet oddly familiar) story line regarding the storm chasers with acting that is, to say the least, silly. The relationship between the father and his two teenage sons is overdone with really no emotion other than sarcasm. The village idiots provided some entertainment but not much.

Armitage and Callies are good actors and this film did nothing to show that. I HATE that! I sincerely do hate it. Perhaps I’m just a tad let down wanting this to be a fantastically-loud-disaster-to-the-core film and instead I got the usual regurgitation of a film I already like.

Now, the CGI was pretty cool with a few scenes that made me do that “whoa!” thing but that’s the point of this film right? To dazzle with CGI? Good but not enough.

In the end – there is no calm before the storm!



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