Opening in theatres on Friday from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Millennium Films comes a story within stories when you’re looking for  “Intruders”.

This film tells the story of Mia (Ella Purnell), a twelve-year-old girl who discovers a story hidden in an old tree. She decides to elaborate on the idea of the faceless man who comes in the night. Mia begins to feel a presence and tells her father John (Clive Owen) who tries to make her feel better, until he sees it himself. Mom Susanna (Carice van Houten) doesn’t understand what is going on with her family.

This story also is about Juan (Izan Cochero), a young boy who also sees this faceless man. Not only does he see but is physically attacked by the intruder. His mother, Luisa (Pilar Ayla) doesn’t know where to turn and seeks help with Father Antonio (Daniel Bruhl).

Both children see the creature called Hollowface but it will be up to Mia’s father to search for the answers to help his daughter, and a young boy he doesn’t even know, or does he.

FINAL WORD: Purnell as the young Mia is amazing in this role. Her speaking part is small which gives the audience a real treat as to what she can do. Her face and expression speaks volumes about what her character is going through and this young actress proves her worth.

Owen as John sees Hollowface but is told by his wife and family that he doesn’t exist. This actor doesn’t take that lightly and fights back with everything a father would for his child. He goes into the story so well and follows it until your jaw drops. Although I have seen this fatherly role from Owen before it doesn’t deter from the fact that it works.

Cochero as Juan also has little to say, its more his reaction to what is happening that gives the viewer a jolt. Ayla as Juan’s mother is a woman who fears everything, including her son. Bruhl as Father Antonio is a priest who wants to help the family but doesn’t know the family’s history.

Other cast include: Kerry Fox as Dr. Rachel, Lolita Chakrabarti as Doctor Roy, Mark Wingett as Grandfather, Imogen Grey as Lilly, and Ella Hunt as Ella Foster.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Intruders” three tubs of popcorn out of five. If you are already a little squeamish about the shadows at night this is not going to help things! The film has twists and turns that are a little unexpected and surprising. Although it is a dark piece, it is all wrapped in the story nicely.

The effects are simple and well done is the fact that in human nature we are all a little afraid of what we can’t see in the dark. I enjoyed this film very much and have no qualms about recommending it to anyone who likes to have their fears tested.

In the end – the nightmare is real.



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