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On Bluray from director Joey De Guzman, writer Ays De Guzman and Well Go USA is the fight for survival that begins at DAY ZERO.

Elite soldier Emon (Brandon Vera) has been in prison for over eight years because of a mistake he made. Helping him get through it all is cell mate Timoy (Pepe Herrera) who, from time to time, gets himself in trouble with the other gangs in prison.

When parole is finally granted to Emon, he makes a quick telephone call to love Sheryl (Mary Jean Lastimosa) and young daughter Jane (Freya Fury Montiero). The phone call does not go exactly to plan and a fight in the prison halls leads Emon in more trouble than he ever wanted.

But something is happening, something strange, something horrible – and is brings the dead out to kill. Breaking out of the prison is Emon’s goal trying to get to Sheryl and Jane not knowing if they are dead or alive. Fighting his way through the army of vicious creatures, he gets to the apartment building where his family lives.

Floor by floor he rises up to finds survivors but also the dead in larger and larger numbers. Nothing is going to stop Emon from protecting his family, not the fight-biting creatures or humans who care so little for life.

Vera as Emon shows his muscles, ability to fight and no fear as an elite soldier who finds a way to reach the family he has hurt. Once he gets past the prison walls, he finds another kind of prison inside the walls of the apartment building that is holding his family against their will. Vera doesn’t have a lot to say but its clear what his characters mission is from start to end.

Herrera as Timoy is a friend to Emon when they are behind bars. They both need each other but, Timoy makes it clear that Emon must learn another language if he is to communicate with Jane. Herrera gives us a good friend even if he has small criminal habits.

Lastimosa as Sheryl has been raising a young daughter while Emon serves his time. When he calls, she is quickly frustrated with having to hold things together. After the call she has no idea that her ability to deal with life will be what can save the family. Montierro as Jane is a young girl thrust into the worst of humanity, both living and dead, yet she comes to trust a father she hardly knows. I liked that about her character.

Other cast include Joey Marquez as Oscar, Yohance Levi Buie as David, Ricci Rivero as Paolo, Jema Galanza as Hazel, Shermaine Santiago as Frida, James Lomahan as Peter, Aileen Sahibad as Linda, and Lao Rodriguez as Warden.

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DAY ZERO is in the zombie-noir genre with a mysterious outbreak that has no reason behind it. That being said it is fast moving and the character of Emon provided by Vera does not get a moment to stop fighting. Filmed in the darkest and limited of spaces, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for much else but fighting and surviving.

Vera is a mixed martial artist and has worked his way up the ladder to become one of the most championed fighters. Born into a Filipino-Italian-American family, Vera eventually joined the Air Force and the wrestling team. After leaving the Air Force, he entered wrestling competitions and eventually trained by Lloyd Irvin, a jiu-jitsu Black Belt and onto an Ultimate Fighting and ONE FC.

In the end – when the dead rise, humanity falls!



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