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Coming to DVD from Netflix and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the next season of the hit series COBRA KAI: Season Four.

Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is working with his group Miyago-Do and Johnny (William Zabka) is working with his group Eagle Fang with one single goal – deal with Cobra Kai. The two men are not exactly agreeing on the best way to do that. Johnny is dealing with another issue as well, a woman from the past has returned – Ali (Elisabeth Shue).

Kreese (Martin Kove) is also loading up Cobra Kai when he asks Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) to come and help him train his students but living a different way, Terry declines but there is an itch for the past. Daniel decides to ask Johnny if he wants to team up the two dojos but there egos once again get in the way. Robby (Tanner Buchanan) decides to join Cobra Kai and gives away trade Miyagi-do Karate secrets in order to win. Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) comes up with a winning idea.

Daniel is shocked to learn that his son Anthony (Griffin Santopietro) is not being bullied, but the bully! Daniel and Johnny decide that maybe its time they try to understand one another and maybe even understand their different way of teaching their students. Daniel invites Johnny, Carmen (Vanessa Rubio) and Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) to their home for dinner to talk about things. The idea is for students from both dojos learn from one another.

A bullied Kenny goes to Kreese for help but is rejected as ‘weak’, but Robby wants to help. Johnny is not happy that Daniel has taken an interest in Miguel and Kreese introduces his students to Terry as a new sensei. Amanda (Courtney Henggeler) and Sam (Mary Mouser) see Tory (Peyton List) at her place of work which frustrates her. Finally, there is a face off between Terry and Kreese and Daniel and Johnny.

The confrontation shakes Daniel, and he tells Johnny about the history between the two. Johnny tries to help Daniel, but he doesn’t want to deal with it. After a run in with Cobra Kai and a match between Daniel and Johnny, the upcoming tournament is hanging in the balance.

All-Valley board decides to add some things to the tournament and finally has a girl’s division. The only one not happy about it is Eagle Fang because they don’t have any girl members. That is until they find Piper (Selah Austria) but she joins Cobra Kai instead. Johnny finally tells Miguel about his relationship with Carmen but Miguel surprises him instead.

Both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang are having issues with the students whether it be in fighting or personal issues that are just weighing them down. Over at Cobra Kai, Kreese begins to think that perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to bring Terry back! It’s prom time as everyone pares up but tensions flare up. Worse, Terry does the unforgiveable to one of Cobra Kai students.

The All-Valley Tournament is brutal as each of the dojos go against one another and notices Miyagi-Do technique. Trying to talk to Robby does not help. Anthony also attempts to make amends to Kenny but is met with fists instead. When the tournament comes down to it, Daniel tells Johnny that perhaps they should mix up their styles and call it ‘Miyagi-Fang’. Once again, Cobra Kai is up to no good as Terry encourages dirty fighting and bribing referees.

Daniel turns to someone that might help them!

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DVD Bonus Features include Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel and Karate Dad Featurette.

The cast of COBRA KAI is amazing and this series has captures the world’s attention and my own family as well. Of course, we would be interested, you’d have to be from another planet not to know the 1984 wave that was THE KARATE KID followed by more films. Then, the wave passed, and the kid was reduced to a gawd awful remake (which we won’t talk about here).

Then, in 2018, something wonderful happened! The first season of COBRA KAI made its way onto big and small streaming screens everywhere. Netflix caught on and brought it on board their slate of shows and it has just exploded. Why? Because no one gets to mess with the 80’s generation and our beloved movies and characters.

Having Ralph Macchio and William Zabka lead the way, a new generation gets to geek out with those of us who lived the viewing dream! These two actors have brought back the story and we do not even care that they have aged because, lets be real, haven’t we all? There issues are from the past but, as each season grows, their hard-headedness gets in the way from the one thing they need to grasp – they are actually on the sane side!

Bringing Kove as Kreese and Griffith as Terry back means it is a two-two fight. The kids also have a say in what is happening in their own lives and find out that sometimes what is going on is hard to know. The face kids show out in the world is not necessarily the real face of what is going on at home and in their lives.

So prepare to binge and catch up with COBRA KAI Season 4!

In the end – the Karate Kid saga continues!



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