Coming to theatres from director/writer Mathias Malzieu and Stephane Berla along with SHOUT! Factory and EuropaCorp comes a 19th century tale of JACK AND THE CUCKOO-CLOCK HEART.

This is the story of Jack (Mathias Malzieu), a young man whose life began with a frozen heart. Saved by the town healer Madeleine (Marie Vincent, Emily Loizeau), a new heart is created from a small cuckoo-clock and would raise the boy as her own.

There are rules to having a cuckoo-clock heart and Jack learns early on that he can not touch the hands of the clock, control his anger and most of all that falling in love can be deadly. As he grows, Miss Acacia sends Jack to school where he sees the young girl Miss Acacia (Samantha Barks) and his heart is captured, and when she leaves town he can not forgot her.

Also, he is being bullied by Joe (Grand Corps Malade) and after an accident Jack is forced to leave the home and family cares for. He decides to find Madeleine (Marie Vincent, Emily Loizeau) and ends up in Andalusia. With the help of magical friends including Melies (Jean Rochefort), Jack looks for happiness in the future but also must deal with the past he left behind.

His journey one of his ticking heart!

FINAL WORD: Malzieu as Jack brings something special to the role. Not only is he the director of the film but wrote the book The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart so who would know the life and love of Jack better? Without giving anything away I can not believe it turned out the way it did. It is amazing to me when an ending surprises me.

Barks as Miss Acacia is a beautiful character and it’s quite easy to see why Jack fell so hard. From her beautiful voice to her porcelain face, she is a young lady who learns about love and sacrifice.

Malade as Joe is the twist for me here. There is no life and no emotion in this character. Of course that’s the meaning of Joe but the lifeless voice did make it a little difficult to want to listen to him.

Madeleine is such a creative character. Repairing human beings I found her creativity thrilling and the kid in me came out a little. Rochefort as Melies is really a true friend to Jack, he wants the best for his friend and tries every way he can to make that life everything it should be.

Director/writer Malzieu says of his film, “After writing the book Maintenant qu’il fait tout le temps muit sur toi, I wanted to hold onto the character of Giant Jack. I delved into his origins and imagined that he could have been born in Scotland on the day coldest in history and his heart would be frozen. So the character had a clock protruding from his chest and had one great frailty – he couldn’t fall in love. That’s Jack’s story. That’s what allowed me to approach everything I wanted to talk about in the book, namely passionate love and tolerance for difference.”

Other cast include: Rossy de Palma as Luna, Arthur H. as Arthur, Brigitte Helm as Dani, Alain Bashung as Jack l’eventreur and Cali as L’homme qui pleure.

TUBS OF POPOCORN: I give JACK AND THE CUCKOO-CLOCK HEART four tubs of popcorn out of five. I will admit that the music is a little strange, I’m a word person so listening to them and you be the judge, they feel almost cultish in the genre of WIZARDS. At the same time it’s perfect for this film and the very distinctive tone the director has set.

The characters have such a delicate look to them and are more delicate emotionally than Jack is physically. There eyes are so life like and lovely. The exceptional story itself is one of love, hope and sacrifice that comes to some and affects all.

Jack and Miss Acacia are characters that everyone can relate to and that brings a beauty to this film. Yes, there are one or two scenes that moved me and that makes JACK AND THE CUCKOO-CLOCK HEART a lovely film that I want everyone to see. It is unique with an ending that will squeeze your heart!

In the end – it is the grandest adventure of the heart!



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