On Bluray this week from director Don Michael Paul and Universal Home Entertainment is the next story to be told with JARHEAD 2: Field of Fire.

This film tells the story of Marines stations in Helmand Afghanistan. Corporal Chris Merrimette (Josh Kelly) has decided that he won’t be reenlisting when his time is up in the military. There is still a mission that needs to be completed.

With his team including Fox (Cole Hauser) and Heather (Ralitsa Paskaleva), along with Afghan guide Khalid (Ronny Jhutti) need to resupply an outpost. They are flagged down by Navy SEALS who need their help with their operation.

Anoosh (Cassie Layton) is wanted by the Taliban! She is a woman fighting for the rights of her people and the enemy wants to silence her permanently. Now they must cross dangerous areas and fight there way through to help Anoosh get to safety.

They take their mission to its conclusion!

FINAL WORD: Kelly as Merrimette served three tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq as an Army Ranger before his acting career. Have this experience truly shows in his ability to portray this character. There is a calmness about Kelly yet a commanding presence needed to make this role believable. Well done and thank you Kelly for your service!

Hauser as Fox is a also a strong character with the team. Hauser was recently on the television series ROGUE as Ethan Kelly. This is a fantastic series! This year he has been seen in the Johnny Depp film TRANSCENDENCE. In JARHEAD 2 he is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Paskaleva as Heather portrays a woman in the Marines. This could easily have gone wrong but her portrayal is strong and capable. That’s important for women watching the film to see that this Marine is capable of carrying out a dangerous mission.

Jhutti as Khalid is quiet until he isn’t. He handles himself well without making this role stereotypical. Wanting the best for his people, this character sees the importance of saving Anoosh and finding friendship with his US military counterparts.

Layton as Anoosh is fairly quiet most of the time. At first not knowing who to trust, she quickly learns that these soldiers are putting themselves in front of it all saving her life so she can help others live as well.

Other cast include: Stephen Lang as Major Gavins, Esai Morales as Cpt. Jones, Chad Mountain as Soc Cooper, and Jesse Garcia as Rafael Soto.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give Jarhead 2: Field of Fire three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. It isn’t easy to make a part 2 and have it play as well as the original but this film manages it. There definitely is action here with no holding back. There are a few scenes that even made me jump.

Keeping to the original frame of story telling, this film holds nothing back in the way of the fight scenes and the camaraderie of the soldiers surviving together in a hostile country, both men and women.

This Bluray is a DVD combo pack including Digital HD and Ultraviolet with the rated and unrated versions with deleted scenes. The Bluray features 6X picture resolution with exclusive extras and theatre-quality surround sound. The Digital HD and Ultraviolet allows fans to watch the movie anywhere with their iPad, iPhone, Android, Smartphones, Televisions, game consoles and more.

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In the end – they do what they must with honor!



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