Coming to theaters from director Jason Naumann and Freestyle Releasing comes the story of singing to the heavens with JESUS PEOPLE.

This film tells the story of Pastor Jerry Frank (Joel McCrary), a man with heavenly dreams. When he gets bad news from his doctor, Pastor Jerry wants to find a way to reach son Eli (Chris Fennessy) and save his soul before going to hell.

He gets the big idea to put together a Christian rock band known as Cross My Heart. Holding a Heavenly Idol he finds four singers to be in the group. First is Zak Crowner (Damon Pfaff) a ditzy vocalist who happens to be in love. There is Cara (Lindsay Stidham), the town pageant queen who happens to be in love. Also in the group is Ty (Richard Pierre-Louis) who is the intelligent one of the bunch and finally, faded Christian pop-star Gloria (Edi Patterson).

Being followed by cameras to film the documentary of the bands beginning they hit the road to promote their single “Save the World”.

FINAL WORD: McCrary as Pastor Jerry is just simple – literally. His disconnect with the world and the culture is very funny. He really believes in his cause! McCrary does a great job at giving a simplistic performance but with comedy.

Pfaff as Zak is just a huge hot mess. Probably the only true believer in the group he just sees things so naively. Fighting tooth and nail to stay true to the Lord, he sometimes just doesn’t understand the big words.

Stidham as Cara is a hot mess girl style. She goes along to get along and also doesn’t understand the big words. Patterson as Gloria is very self-centered and completely playing the role that will get her back on top.

Pierre-Louis as Ty believes and is dedicated to what the group is doing. He starts to feel let down when the group refuses to see that they are becoming sell outs. Pierre-Louis is straight faced and straight forward.

Other cast include: Tim Bagley as Rod Carmichael, Mindy Sterling as Claudia, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Jenna Bosch, Catherine Reitmann as Shauna Mebane, Laura Silverman as Tami Wiles, Octavia Spencer as Angel Angelique, Jennifer Elise Cox as Trinity Celeste, Christen Sussin as Sarah Francis Wheeler, Carrie Aizley as Ellen, Robert Bagnell as Kip Karns, and Timothy Brennen as Dr. Chris McFarlane.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give JESUS PEOPLE three tubs of popcorn out of five. As much as this is a tale of a one hit wonder group (and it was barely a one hit) the twists and turns are pretty funny.

The ending is really comical and I love that each continues on with exactly how they started – well, not all of them. I also have to say that the final song is absolutely amazing! With the ending surprise just had me laughing so hard – well done Ms. Spencer.

In the end – it’s a mockumentary!



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