On DVD from MHz Network comes another stellar cop drama from Sweden with the series JOHAN FALK Season One.

Falk (Jakob Eklund) is a detective with the Gothenburg police department. Transferring in after five years with Europole, Falk waits for girlfriend and kids to catch up with him. He joins the GSI and the special operations unit that are trying to stop organized crime.

He is quickly assigned an informant named Frank Wagner (Joel Kinnaman) who has been part of a crime group led by Seth Rydell (Jens Hulten) and brother Felix (Anastasios Soulis). Wagner has a young family and no longer wants the violence and danger that could follow him home.

Falks biggest problem is that he wants the bad guys and will do what he must to get the job done – even riding the fine line of the law.

FINAL WORD: Eklund as Falk is calm and collected. He knows what needs to be done and portrays this character with a continual solid performances. There is a hard complexity to Falk between his personal relationships and his job. Also, the twisted relationship with Wagner is a dangerous friendship. It is this actors calm demeanor that makes him the anchor of the series. Starting out as Falk in 2009, Eklund has continued filming this role well into 2015.

Hulten as Rydell portrays a criminal that has very little tolerance for mistakes or traitors. Always working for the highest bidder, he trusts Wagner. Hulten portrays this character seamlessly. One moment he’s holding his child like a good father and the next he’s ordering a hit!

Kinnaman is absolutely amazing as Wagner although I could be a bit partial since I’m a fan. My first encounter with Kinnaman was in 2008 with his performance in ARN, then again in 2010 in the film EASY MONEY and 2011 in GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Finally, he thrilled in the AMC series THE KILLING. In the role of Wagner he once again uses his amazing ability to control a character and trust me, in playing Wagner he has to truly hide his true emotions. Watching his character unfold was the best part of this series.

Other cast includes: Zeljko Santrac as Matte, Peter Andersson as Leo Gaut, Christian Brandin as Conny Lloyd, Stig Engstrom as David Lager, Emil Almen as Anders Lans, Raivo as Marko Matvere, Marie Delleskog as Wexell, Jonas Sjoqvist as Roger Nordh, Darko Savor as Mischa, Lasse Karlsson as Henrik Norten and Marie Richardson as Helen.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give JOHAN FALK four tubs of popcorn out of five. Each episode is just solid story telling with characters that turn in fantastic performances. Filmed in Sweden JOHAN FALK gives viewers action, suspense and very complex plots. Following ZERO TOLERANCE (1999), EXECUTIVE PROTECTION (2001) and THE THIRD WAVE (2003), the series continues giving audiences characters worth watching.

The DVD includes three discs with episodes Special Operations Group, Brothers in Arms, National Target, Leo Gaut, Operation Nightingale and The Outlawed.

For the complete series go to http://shop.mhznetworks.org and you will also be able to browse the other series MHz has to offer. Trust me when I tell you that MHz has some of the most amazing television series available for those who love quality programming.

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