Coming to DVD blu-ray on January 8, 2013 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment from director Peter Travis comes a cop to fear in the form of JUDGE DREDD.

This film tells the story of Judge Dredd (Karl Urban), an urban cop who is judge, jury and executioner if necessary in American’s future that has turned into a wasteland. In the place known as Mega City One crime rules the streets. On this day he is training a new judge, Anderson (Olivia Thirlby).

The biggest crime now is Slo-Mo, a drug manufactured and distributed by a woman calling herself Ma-Ma (Lena Headey). As Dredd and Anderson go to arrest a suspected dealer in a high rise called Peach Trees, Ma-Ma calls for lockdown and the building is sealed.

But it doesn’t end there, Ma-Ma announces to the occupants that she wants the residents to take up arms and get rid of the judges. Dredd isn’t about to give up that easy as an all out war begins as both judges begin the ascent to the 200th floor – the home of Ma-Ma.

FINAL WORD: Urban plays Dredd and you wouldn’t know it since he doesn’t remove his mask the entire film. His lines are simple, to the point and one can only imagine the glaring looks he gives anyone trying to attack him. I have to say there is one scene where there is a close up on his face as he’s being shot at and for a moment, just a brief moment, I could have sworn I saw a Sylvester Stallone smirk on his face.

Thirlby as Anderson is a unique character in that she is more that a judge. With an unusual power she learns very quickly how to combine that with her desire to be a judge. She may start out unsure but being trapped in Peach Tree with everyone trying to shoot her, she adapts quickly.

Headey as Ma-Ma gets a chance to be bad because she’s gotten so very, very good at it. If Headey seems familiar to audiences it could be that GAME OF THRONES fans know her best as one of the untrustworthy Banisters!

Other cast include: Jason Cope as Werner, Rake Payola as Chief Judge, Warwick Grier as Caleb, and Wood Harris as Kay,

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give JUDGE DREDD three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is an interesting interpretation of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone film. There isn’t any of the one-liners or memorable cliché’s so don’t expect it. This is more of the celebrated original comic book version of the story filled with violence and lots of icky body parts splattering everywhere.

Urban brings a different look at Dredd as more of a mysterious urban cop with no past to speak of nor caring about the future other than enforcing the law.

The DVD includes Mega City Masters: 35 years of Judge Dredd featurette, Day of Chaos: The Visual Effects of Dredd 3D featurette, Dredd featurette, Dredd Gear, Welcome to Peach Trees, and Dredd Motion Comic Prequel along with a Digital and Ultraviolet copy of the DVD. The DVD also works with iTunes and can be streamed instantly to many electronic devices.

In the end – judgment is coming!

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