Coming to DVD from writer/director Tony Glazer and Grand Entertainment Group comes a tale of twists and turns and all come together at the JUNCTION.

This film tells the story of friends David (Tom Pelphrey), Donald (Neal Bledsoe), Kari (Summer Moore), and Spot (Harris Doran). Looking for some serious drugs, David must do a deal with the devil, also known as Tai (Anthony Ruivivar). In exchange for drugs, he must get Tai a flat screen television for his mother.

So the group breaks into a home and finds the television – and so much more. As they explore the house Donald finds another television. Turning it on the group sees more than they ever wanted and they try to leave.

Unexpectedly the owners Connor (Anthony Rapp) and Jennifer (Sharon Maguire) come home with their young daughter. Donald flips out, David is no longer in control and the situation quickly escalates when the young daughter calls the police and Lt. Tarelli (David Zayas) lets the group know the house is surrounded.

Secrets comes out and not everything is as it seems – for any of them!

FINAL WORD: Pelphrey as David owns the car so is the ‘leader’ of the pack, that and he knows the guy with the meth! It isn’t easy being responsible for three other people who aren’t any better off that you are. Pelphrey gives a performance that is straight forward and interesting considering he is the ‘normal’ one!

Moore as Kari is the gal of the group who has pretty much lost all sense of herself. Dealing with a boyfriend like Spot doesn’t help either although there are mini-sparks between Kari and David. Caught up in the madness she only wants to walk away.

Doran as Spot had me one step away from throwing something at the screen. Yes, there is always the bad guy but he is certainly a BAD guy! Nothing about this character is even remotely like someone I’d have over to dinner yet does that justify what happens? In lies the dilemma friends!

Ruivivar as Tai is oddly the comic relief of the film. From the get-go with his ring tone I knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary drug dealer. Rapp as Connor has a role that is touchy and Maguire as Jennifer does everything she can to protect their young daughter.

Bledsoe as Donald is just nothing short of amazing! Starting the film with more of a wounded kid withdrawn mentality, it doesn’t take long before he finds his motivation. Coming out of his shell is harsh yet I couldn’t take my eyes off what he was going to do next. Kudos Mr. Bledsoe for brining what is definitely a complex character to the screen in a very good performance.

Other cast include: Danielle Kotch as Mia, Joanna Bayless as Mrs. Pendelson, Laurence Blum as Officer Laurant, Matt DeMatt as Ross, Bryan Deehring as Martin Bateman and Michael O’Keefe as Walters.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give JUNCTION three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Wow, I mean really, wow! Writer/director Glazer takes a story and turns it not only on its head but every which way but loose. The film is cast extremely well as the four addicts go toe-to-toe with each other.

Keeping the action confined to the house really adds a sense of claustrophobia and tension. The police action wasn’t as smooth as the rest of the film but I’m not complaining much since the film just is a mind blower.

I have to admit that the ending shocked me pretty good and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

In the end – eventually we all have to choose.



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