Landing in theatres this Friday from writers/directors Andy, Lana Wachowski and Warner Bros. Pictures is a trip with JUPITER ASCENDING.

This film tells the story of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a young woman whose father named her after the planet. After his murder, Jupiter grows up with family in Chicago and a life of cleaning toilets but wanting more. Day in and day out she tries to keep focused but her father’s love of the stars has been passed to Jupiter.

And it all comes crashing in, literally, when strange creatures attempt to kill Jupiter. Enter, Caine (Channing Tatum), a hunter who has come to Earth to find the young woman before someone else does. Fighting off other creatures, Caine takes Jupiter to Stinger Apini (Sean Bean), a former military man who knows Caine and the fact that Jupiter is actually royalty of the Abrasax family.

Balem Abrasax (Eddie Redmayne) is desperate to find the young woman. He wants Earth, a planet that belongs to Jupiter by inheritance. Trying to stay one step ahead is Kalique Abrasax (Tuppence Middleton) who tries to tell Jupiter what she needs to know to survive.

Finally, Titus Abrasax (Douglas Booth) is the one who hired Caine to find her. Determined to prove that he only wants what’s best, he shares the horrifying truth with Jupiter.

Now Jupiter and Caine must do what is necessary to stop the destruction of Earth and take down those who would try to take it all!

FINAL WORD: Kunis as Jupiter is a gal who wants more and when she gets it wants to go back home. I have to say Ms. Jupiter, you are kind of gullible. I mean seriously, you meet a guy and 15 minutes later you are wearing a wedding gown? Cooooommmeee onnnn now! Yes, the dress is frakken fantastic but if you’re royalty you could have owned that easily without marrying a – actually what would he have been? Second cousin several life times removes? Not sure on that one.

Tatum as Caine gets to look awesome, have great floating boots and take a few hits that a normal human would have pushed up daisies receiving. The Spock-like ears are a nice touch and being a humanoid-dog-like-warrior is an interesting premise. You pulled it off because you kissed a royal and liked it. I have to admit I love watching Tatum do just about anything so he gets a pass from me.

Redmayne as Balem just drove me absolutely and completely insane. What was up with his voice? It was painful for ME listening to him talk and quite honestly I wanted him to shut up. The only time I enjoyed it all was his crazy-psycho moment which was not very royal-type-person but at least entertaining. I’m not sure what made the Wachowski’s think that ‘accent’ would be easy to listen to…yikes!

Bean as Stinger brought cheers from the audience followed by whispers of “I hope he doesn’t get killed” which made people laugh. Yes, we want Sean Bean to live in every role yet there is a piece that thinks if he keeps getting knocked off he will always be loved by the audience.

Booth as Titus is a royal who feels he has every right to do what ever he wishes. Booth wastes no time in giving off that air of superiority – clue number one he isn’t a good guy Jupiter, just saying.

Other cast include: Nikki Bird as Diomika Tsing, Christina Cole as Gemma Chatterjee, Nicholas Newman as Nesh, Ramon Tikaram as Phylo Percadium, Ariyon Bakare as Greeghan, Frog Stone as Aunt Nino, David Ajala as Ibis, Doona Bae as Razo and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Aleksa.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give JUPITER ASCENDING three tubs of popcorn out of five. It’s a well done special effects film with a story that isn’t really all that new. There is always a bad greedy super-non-human royal family trying to take Earth somewhere in the archives of films previously made. It seems the film cared more about the special effects, which are good, then a solid storyline.

I know that sounds like I didn’t enjoy the film but that’s really not it. Of course watching Tatum jump around looking awesome is something every gal will enjoy and Kunis looking stunning in the costumes will make guys drool so there is that.

This is an adventure film not a deep and stirring melodrama trying to win an Academy Award. Instead it’s a romp into space to bring down the bad royals in order to save our planet once again. Seriously, Earth saved by Channing Tatum is okay with me!

In the end – expand your universe.



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