This is a Jurassic sized giveaway as we have a digital code for JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION up for grabs!

Owen Grady and Claire Deering have taken in the granddaughter of Lockwood but there is a hidden secret about the young girl Maisie. Living out in the wilderness, Owen is still staying in touch with Blue the raptor who now has offspring of her own.

They are being watched and the two things the men doing the watching want are Maisie and Blue’s baby. Lewis Dodgson, owner of Biosyn, is the one who wants them!

Ellie Satler is also interested in Biosyn discovering there is a connection between what is happening around her. Going to see old flame Alan Grant, she explains that she really needs his help, especially being contacted by Ian Malcolm who just happens to work for Biosyn.

Owen, Claire, Ellie, Alan, Ian, and Maisie have now joined forces because locust is the least of their problems. The dinosaurs are back and once again man is trying to control what is bigger than all of them – literally!

Here is your chance to see JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION at home on Movies Anywhere with the winning digital code. All you have to do is email with JURASSIC in the subject line and we will spin for a winner!



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