On DVD from First Run Features and director Dave Ohlson is the journey that only some dare with K2: Siren of the Himalayas.

The film brings viewers up close to a mountain known as K@. Found in the Karakoram Mountain Range, it is the second highest mountain coming in at 8,611 meters. In 2009, on the 100th anniversary of the first expedition, viewers will hear the history and see the modern day alpinist make their own journey.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Jake Meyer, Fabrizio Zangrilli and Chris Szymiec are the dreamers who want to reach the top of K2 and this documentary shares the realities of what that entails.

Sometimes the risks outweigh the dream.

FINAL WORD: I have to give props first to Kaltenbrunner. Not only does she have a stellar mindset and focus but the will to boot. Watching her climb and retreat only to climb again is beautiful. It’s actually a thrill to see the goals she sets and why challenging herself even further is so important.

Chris is so engaging because for each climb I was cheering him on. It wasn’t until his last interview did I embrace what an amazing person he is because of his ability to see the bigger picture of K2. I won’t tell you more because he shares it with so much emotion.

First Run Features brings informative and unexpected documentaries and films to viewers. The diversity of subjects from K2 to JFK to a journey through Israel is done with beautiful photography and clear storytelling. For more of what First Run Features has to offer go to  HYPERLINK “http://www.firstrunfeatures.com” www.firstrunfeatures.com

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give K2: Siren of the Himalayas three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. There is such a mystery behind the draws of this particular mountain that even I can appreciate. The cinematography of the film will draw the viewer in even deeper to that mystery.

The film also brings out an informative history behind those who came before. The Duke of Abruzzi was the first to this majestic place and shared his feelings about his own journey as read throughout the film. It would be in those words perhaps a slight understanding of what these alpinists feel about what they do.

This definitely isn’t a sugar-coated story but instead a sharing of triumph, dreams, freezing hardships and even the deaths of those who chose to go forward but didn’t come back. That is the reality of an alpinist and K2: Siren of the Himalayas shares it all.

In the end – it is a sirens call that they can not ignore.



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