Coming to Bluray this week from writer/director Jon Watts, Christopher Ford and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes a chase and a “Cop Car.”

Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford), two ten-year-old boys, are running away from home. Walking through stretches of land with no one around, the boys come upon a cop car. They are surprised that no one is around and, like boys tend to do, lay claim to the car.

They drive away believing they can now get further away from their lives. Learning to drive quickly they take to the open road. At one point they drive past Bev (Camryn Manheim) who doesn’t quite believe what she is seeing!

Some time later Sheriff Kretzer (Kevin Bacon) comes out of the woods and is stunned to see his patrol car gone. He has reason to fear and immediately begins to cover his tracks calling in to dispatch having officers change frequency and giving the all clear.

Kretzer gets to a truck with a radio and tries to reach the boys. They don’t hear his message because they are on the side of the road discovering all the weaponry in the back seat of the squad car.

Travis hears Kretzer tell the boys that if they just give him the car back, all is forgiven. That’s before the boys found a surprise in the trunk, now the game has changed and it’s not a game the boys could have seen coming.

Freedson-Jackson as Travis is definitely the leader of the two boys. He constantly pushes Harrison past his comfort zones from cursing to speeding in a cop car. It is obvious the young boy is trying to get away from something which means he throws care out the window. There are moments where my jaw drops yet he is fearless and I sort of cheer him on and I think it’s because I remember doing crazy stuff as a kid too (lets be clear I never took a cop car though!)

Wellford as Harrison seems happy just following Travis. Slowly he begins to come out of his shell before terror breaks out for the both. The interesting part of this young character is that Wellford takes moments of reflection before he does things. Every time he has to make a decision to jump in the fray there is a pause, like before using the “f” word. The wheels turn and when he makes his decision, it is firm. This tells me that he does have a mind of his own but Travis gives him reason to take that extra step out of his comfort zone.

Bacon as Kretzer is as scary as he wants to be. There is this calm about him that is totally terrorizing because as the minutes tick by it’s like watching a time bomb. The line I kept thinking was from the great candy maker Willy Wonka when he says, “the suspense is terrible…I hope it lasts!” and that’s exactly how I felt about this character. As the character’s story unfolds I can’t wait to see how he wrangles everything in his favor, that’s serious power in a small town. Bacon just gives and gives till the very end – and for good measure gives a little more. Loved it!

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Cop Car” five tubs of popcorn out of five. This is such an original and amazing film that needs to be seen by everyone who loves a jaw dropping storyline. There isn’t dazzling special effects or loud banging, crashing or anything of the like. Instead, it’s a solid story told with few people, wide open space and a cop car.

Drawn in from the moment the film began, “Cop Car” is a thriller, emotional rollercoaster, time of innocence, the wide and sometimes barren outdoors, secrets, lies and battle of the wills. The ending is brilliant to the point where I actually cheered a little.

Writer/director/producer Jon Watts is responsible for the film CLOWN in 2014 and THE ONION NEWS NETWORK television series in 2011. He also dabbled in television with the movie Eugene! and The Fuzz as well as The Scariest Show on Television. Take notice Hollywood, “Cop Car” is seriously brilliant!

The Bluray includes the feature of Their First and Last Ride: The Making of Cop Car which I really enjoyed watching.

In the end — their first drive could be there last!



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