Coming to DVD on December 11th, 2012 from director Raimund Huber and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a look at captives who must KILL ‘EM ALL.

This film tells the story of a bunker called The Killing Chamber. In that chamber are international assassins Gabriel (Johnny Messner), Carpenter (Joe Lewis), The Kid (Tim Man), Som (Ammara Siripong), Takab (Brahim Achabbakhe), Mickey (Rashid Phoenix) and Schmidt (Erik Markus Schuetz).

Put there by Snakehead (Chia Hui Liu), he forces each of them to duel to the death until there is one person standing. What Snakehead doesn’t count on is that although they are assassins, working together to chop off the head of the snake it worth putting their differences aside.

FINAL WORD: This is an interesting film in that usually assassins have no problem taking out other assassins. Putting them in a chamber together, although they do what they must to survive, it’s a room of very smart assassins.

The cast of assassins work very well together in that they are diverse, not just in character but in fighting specialty. There is everything here from weaponry, ninjas to a decent storyline.

With a running time of 86 minutes the film is straight, to the point and doesn’t lag at all. There is time to know the characters history sending them straight into the dueling matches!

Director Raimund Huber is also responsible for the film BANGKOK ADRENALINE so he is well versed in putting action on film.

Well Go USA Entertainment specializes in bringing Asian Cinema to North America. There number of releases continues to grow and capture the attention of martial arts fans and foreign films lovers. For more of their offerings go to

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give KILL ‘EM ALL three tubs of popcorn out of five. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the film but it is filled with action and suspense with some body slamming moves. Without sounding like a feminist it is nice to see a woman hold her own and not do so in an unrealistic way.

In the end – they will stop at nothing to kill ‘em all!

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