Coming to Bluray from director Pou-Soil Cheang and Well Go USA Entertainment is the story of one man against a crime syndicate with “Kill Zone 2.”

Chai (Tony Jaa) is a prison guard who is watching his young daughter slowly die from leukemia. Waiting for a bone marrow donor is something Chai isn’t willing to do when his little girl continues to get worse. Discovering that the best donor is a Hong Kong cop named Kit (Wu Jing), he takes it upon himself to go and find him.

The problem is that Kit has been arrested and put in the very same prison Chai is a guard at. Another problem is Warden Ko (Zhang Jin) who runs his prison straight forward while behind the scenes gets kick backs from Mr. Hung (Louis Koo), a mastermind who has an organ trafficking business.

Hung is also looking for a transplant for his brother kidnapping a young pregnant woman. Now everything is set in motion with Chai trying to save his daughter, Hung tries to save his brother and Kit trying to save them all.

It’s time for a showdown!

Jaa as Chatchai is a devoted father who wants to do what is right by his ill daughter. That is an important setting of this story because this character needs to be totally believable for it to work. That’s what Jaa does, gives Chai the look and feel of a character willing to do whatever it takes for his family.

Wu as Kit doesn’t have an easy time in this film. It’s not easy to realize that no one sees you as human but instead a piece of meat to be bought and sold. Zhang as Hung is hard core, I mean seriously! He doesn’t care that the donor for his brother is a pregnant woman. That’s cold blooded which again is just as important as his stance, mannerisms and dead eyed stare at anyone who attempts to stand in his way.

Other cast include: Simon Yam as Chan Kwok-Wah, Louis Koo as Hung Mun-Gong, Ken Lo as Wong Kwong, Jun Kung as Mun-Biu, Dominic Lam as Chun-Tung, Babyjohn Choi as Kwok Chun-Yat and Andrew Ng as Uncle On.

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“Kill Zone 2” is a story that is deep in its telling following each character from start to finish. The journey of each ends in the same place but how they get there is full of action and suspense.

The cinematography is absolutely amazing with its long shots and close up that are so smooth. Adding a soundtrack that is perfect for the film there is no way you can not be drawn in quickly.

The cast is absolutely stellar and because of that fans of the martial arts genre are really going to love this. The fight sequences are tough and bold but know that anything less would have diminished the film absolutely.

The Bluray includes the bonus features of the Making of “Kill Zone 2,” Deleted Scenes, Trailer and English Language is also available.

In the end — it is a lock down of a different kind!



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