Coming to theatres this Friday from director Sebastian Junger and Saboteur is the film that continues the story at KORENGAL.

This film tells the story of the soldiers in Korengal, Afghanistan. During a three week filming period these soldiers are covering a six mile area near the border with Pakistan. Picking up where the documentary RESTREPO ended, the situation has not changed

Captain Dan Kearny recalls his time in the valley as treacherous, each of the men also talk about their time and what they experienced. Continually shot at, these men lived in sandbag huts with no running water. There supplies were flown in by helicopter living in isolated circumstances.

Recalling it as ‘beautiful from a distance’, soldiers had just stepped off the helicopter and were being shot at. Journalist Sebastian Junger takes the directors chair to bring the next evolution on the war in Afghanistan.

FINAL WORD: From the director himself, Junger says to the soldiers “You helped us keep save and you answered our questions and mostly, you gave us your friendship and your trust. We could not have done it without you guys”.

Once again this is a difficult documentary to watch knowing there are still so many American soldiers in difficult situations such as KORENGAL. There is a duality that this film addresses and one in particular is how one soldier cheers when he kills and enemy yet another soldier fears God will not forgiven him.

There is a sense of such grief from these men but not just for one thing in particular. Instead it’s a combination of friends they would see perish, living conditions, missing home and the every second belief that there were those trying to kill them.

Sharing their stories are: Cpt. Dan Kearny, Lt. LaMonta Caldwell, Spec. Sterling Jones, Sgt. McDonnel, Staff Sgt. Kevin Rice, Spec. Mika Belton.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give KORENGAL four tubs of popcorn out of five. There is no way to express how difficult it is to watch these brave men live their lives day to day surrounded by gunfire. Hearing it directly from the men, KORENGAL gives a shape and a realization more so than any other war in history.

The video gives a no holds barred look at their life, following orders and what a firefight can do to a group of men faced with such hate from an enemy who is well hidden. Speaking openly about their fears and each mission they go out on gives viewers a wider view on the appreciation and debt we owe these soldiers.

In the end – the documentary goes one step further bringing the war into living rooms back home.



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