Coming to theatres from director E. Thomas Ewing, writer Jeremy R. Ewing and Omnipulse Entertainment comes THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE CHAMPION.

This animated film tells the story of Neddie Nerfhoffer (Chris Patton), an unusual warrior who wants to join to help stop the intergalactic war against General Disdain (John Swasey). While trying to join he is politely turned down but that doesn’t stop Neddie. He decides to start his own army!

Joining up is Owen (Jeffrey Lane) and Hopper (John Gremillion) with first things first and that’s finding a base. While looking they discover an ancient ship and it is guided along by an artificial intelligence that informs Neddie that he is the new captain of this Champion.

Recruiting isn’t going to be easy but it is in those who join that Neddie finds what he has always been looking for!

FINAL WORD: This really is an incredible animated story. Teaching such valuable lessons through the big heart of Neddie is so important. Although he may be small and a little green, nothing stops him from wanting to do what’s right. Having that be at the forefront of the story truly does make it heart felt.

Even as Owen and Hopper start out not so sure about this whole ‘saving the galaxy’ idea, they believe in their friend. I think Marker is totally endearing, Clinker is so smart, Kita is a strong female character with a soft spot for Neddie, and Builder is adorable.

But I won’t spoil it for the viewer, get to know each of these characters on your own and discover what I did. That is even though they are all different they share a great relationship with one another and I loved that.

Omnipulse Entertainment is an animation studio and production company that develops film and television programs for a wide audience. The film features an original soundtrack by Felipe G. Porres with the song MOUNTAINS IN MY WAY by Washington Cat.

Other cast include: Jim Johnson as Lucky, Jay Hickman as Maurice, David Harlin as Otto, Shannon Emerick as Marker, Richard Crockett as Prof. Gryphon, Luci Christian as Kitka and Kevin Charles as Commander Lux.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LAST FLIGHT OF THE CHAMPION three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is really a unique animated film. Even more than that it is a film filled with lessons about what a group of ‘short misfits’ can do. Each character has a defined personality and there is so much humor here.

Everything about this film is totally endearing which is the earmark of a family film that will be seen again and again. When you are out this holiday weekend, take a moment to visit LAST FLIGHT OF THE CHAMPION.

In the end – you don’t have to be so tall to save the galaxy!

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