This week in theatres and On Demand from director Kazuaki Kiriya and Lionsgate comes an epic tale of the LAST KNIGHTS.

During a time of loyalty and knighthood, Raiden (Clive Owen) is one such knight who is loyal Nobleman Bartok (Morgan Freeman). The cruel Gezza Mott (Aksel Hennie) has extorted and killed innocent people to gain more favor and riches from the emperor.

Taking matters into his own hands, Bartok defies Gezza Mott and stands trial where he speaks the truth about the cruelty. The sentence is that Bartok will die with the same sword that was bestowed upon Raiden.

Now the city that Bartok ruled with peace is being torn apart piece by piece scattering the people everywhere. Raiden is also falling apart and moving away from the things in life he use to treasure above all else.

In one moment Raiden gathers the knights banding them together to do what must be done. There sacrifice is coming together and with Lt. Cortez (Cliff Curtis) by his side there is no fear in their hearts and allies around every corner.

Justice will be found with a sword.

FINAL WORD: Owen as Raiden plays a knight at his darkest time. He has that unique ability to show the expressions of a person suffering without saying a word. The character Raiden is smart, loyal and fearless in ways one would expect from a knight, Owen just makes it all look so damn good.

Sword play isn’t new to Owen with KING ARTHUR and ELIZABETH: The Golden Age under his belt. If you want to see how dark this actor can be then check out the original series THE KNICK on Cinemax.

Freeman as Bartok is an honorable nobleman who sees greatness in Raiden. Oh lets face it, Freeman could read a phone book and I’d be happy about it. The scene between Freeman and Owen at the sentencing is so hauntingly beautiful and sad at the same time.

Curtis as Lt. Cortez is the strong silent warrior who understands what is happening around him and, at the same time, shows his feelings with a dagger in his hand. Following Raiden he knows that more will die if they don’t uphold the code.

Hennie as Gezza Mott is cruel, greedy and just plain creepy. I imagine that’s what one should expect in a tyrant and Hennie doesn’t disappoint.

Other cast include: Rose Caton as Lilly, Giorgio Caputo as Slim Tully, Pavel Bezdek as Goon, James Babson as Fat Jim, Sung-kee Ahn as Auguste, Shohreh Aghdashloo as Maria, Daniel Adegboyega as Rodrigo.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE LAST KNIGHTS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a very dark film and Owens’ character is intense. I love period pieces anyway so this just keeps me riveted.

The costuming is stunning, the sword play is awesome, and the story doesn’t give anything away with an ending that is extremely well done. The music really does add emotion and it is beautiful as well.

Director Kiriya’s previous work include GOEMON that is based on the Japanese folk legend, CASSHERN based on the Japanese anime and GOHATTO set during the Shogun era of Japan.

In the end – their oath to the code is absolute!



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