Coming to theatres this Friday from director Jon Turteltaub and CBS Films comes a tale that can only happen in LAST VEGAS.

This film tells the story of Billy (Michael Douglas), a man who has decided at a friends funeral to ask his much younger girlfriend to marry him. Of course Billy has to call his childhood buddies that include Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) to invite them to a weekend in Vegas.

The fourth member of this group is Paddy (Robert De Niro), who is still angry with Billy. Knowing the only way to get Paddy to Vegas is pick him up, Archie and Sam do just that. After a quick convincing they are on their way!

That doesn’t mean Paddy isn’t complaining all the way when they meet up with Billy. Trying to iron things out isn’t going to be easy but first they each want to get a taste of freedom. That’s where they all see Diana (Mary Steenburgen), a lounge singer with verbal repartee they all enjoy.

Archie hits the tables and immediately takes a small fortune and turns it into a big one. Because of that, the hotel treats the guys like royalty including Lonnie (Romany Malco) their own personal assistant to get them whatever they need. Now the party is on!

What happens next is nothing short of insanity that leads to truths, realities and remembering why they all became friends in the first place!

FINAL WORD: Okay, lets get down to it – I felt like I was watching Kirk Douglas instead of Michael Douglas the entire film! That’s not a bad thing because the first time I saw SPARTACUS I was infatuated. That being said Michael looked like he had an amazing time doing this film and that’s good enough for me.

Robert De Niro was fine as Paddy. His storyline was sad yet when he finally stops complaining and gets on with it – his character is a lot of fun! Steenburgen as Diana makes a lovely lounge singer with a razor sharp humor I enjoyed immensely.

Malco as Lonnie is doing what he does best in this film, bring out his best snappy lines and take no prisoners mentality. Yes, I’ve seen this character before with Malco but I still love it.

Can I just say – Kline as Sam is absolutely adorable! He is sweet, a little crazy with a condom and permission, and comical but at the same time down to earth. I enjoyed watching his character struggle with it all and what happens when faced with a decision. No, I’m not telling!

Freeman as Archie is just a riot and more. Happy to be free and away from the ‘parental’ feel of living with his son, I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at a performance Freeman has done since BRUCE ALMIGHTY. Check out the bar scene with the Redbull and you’ll know what I mean.

Other cast include: Jerry Ferrara as Dean, Robert Bart as Maurice, Joanna Gleason as Miriam, Michael Ealy as Ezra, Bre Blair as Lisa, and Stephen Scott Scarpulla as Danny the Greaser.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LAST VEGAS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I really did have a good time watching this film. Sure, it can be said it is a HANGOVER for the older generation and I have no problem with that. Some of the jokes are seriously funny, and the subject matters even funnier.

The audience really seemed to have a good time and that’s what matters. These are four well known actors who have given comedy a reality check proving that good actors gets better, and funnier, with age!

In the end – it is one legendary weekend!

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