Coming to theatres this week from director Roger Michell and Music Box Films is an amazing look at a couple getting away for LE WEEK-END.

This film tells the story of British couple Meg (Lindsay Duncan) and Nick (Jim Broadbent). Returning to Paris where they spent their honeymoon years ago, the trip is a hope to rekindle something in their marriage.

In the city a matter of hours Meg is unhappy with the hotel accommodations and against Nick’s protests they end up in a swanky hotel with a grand view. But all that is not about to fix what is going on with this couple. Talks, spats, and life crisis; keep the couple on their toes.

It is when they meet up with old friend Morgan (Jeff Goldblum) that the wells of honesty open up and the truth finally is told.

FINAL WORD: Duncan as Meg is definitely charming and at the same time brutally honest. Suffering a case of empty nest syndrome she takes stock of what exactly it is she has done with her life and where it’s going from here. Duncan captures the frustration I think women feel when the role of wife and mother change so dramatically. The character of Meg is brilliantly written and Duncan brings it such light.

Broadbent as Nick is also charming even if slightly lost. Wanting to please his wife by taking this trip it is clear he is set in his ways that include pinching every penny he can. Of course there is even more a reason for that but I don’t intend to say. As Meg is open and brutally honest with her frustrations – Nick leans more toward a conservative nature. I quite honestly wanted to grab the screen and jostle him into enjoying life!

Goldblum as Morgan is a little odd in this role. I suppose what I should say is what was he doing? Except for the awesome table scene I just don’t see the need for that character. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Goldblum fan – just not so much here.

Other cast include: Brice Beaugier as Robert Ertel, Charlotte Leo as Dominique Ertel, Zavier De Guillebon as Jean-Pierre Degremont, Marie-France Alvarez as Victoire La Chapelle, Lee Michelsen as Harry Rose, Denis Sebbah as Christopher Aragues, Sebastien Siroux as Valentine Lefevre, Judith Davis as Eve and Olly Alexander as Michael.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LE WEEK-END three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. First of all the script is beautifully written and although geared towards a certain age audience I’m sure, it shouldn’t be.

There are so many delightful scenes in this film that are honest life lessons – learn young intelligentsia learn! As much as some of the scenes are funny, there are also painful and touching frames as well. This is a film that didn’t need anything but two fine actors to bring the story depth, charm and meaning.

The scenes are beautifully done in the city of love, so much so that it is the quiet third party in the film. Director Michell is also responsible for NOTTING HILL and HYDE PARK ON HUDSON.

In the end – sometimes a good trip to Paris is all it takes to find love again!



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