Waking up before the alarm goes off; you jump out of bed and know it’s going to be a great day! To your surprise, there is no line at Starbucks and very little traffic on the roads; oh yeah… and that confirms it, this day is going to be awesome!

You make it to work in record time and are sitting at your desk, reading emails, listening to Pandora and enjoying your steaming hot cup of coffee and it happens… Your supervisor walks into the office and you can tell she’s in a bad mood. She looks at you and barks, “turn that noise down” walks into her office and slams the door. Suddenly, your optimistic view of the day is changed and you spend the rest of the day walking on eggshells and watching the clock.

Has something like this ever happened to you or better yet, have you been that boss that walks in with a bad attitude? Nothing destroys the moral of employees more than a moody, unpredictable boss. There are so many stressors in our daily lives; it’s extremely selfish to make your office a hostile work environment simply because you are in a bad mood.

Let’s face it. Life happens to all of us. So when life happens to you… leave life and the baggage that comes with it; at the door. Example, you wake up in the morning and you walk outside to a flat tire. Now you could kick the tire, use some expletives and raise your fist to God. Or you could go in the house, call AAA and relax until the tire is changed.

The point is that when you’re having a bad day, it’s YOUR problem. So next time things aren’t going your way, take a deep sigh and ask yourself “is this the end of the world?” Chances are that it’s not. Try sitting at your desk with your eyes closed for about 30 seconds, just listening to your breath go in and out. That will help quite your mind and allow you to think more clearly, which leads to more rational behavior and decision making.

The workspace is a place where individuals come together collectively for specific periods of times to achieve common goals. As leaders it is our responsibility to make those times as productive as possible which starts with an environment free of fear.

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Sherry D. Strothers is a life coach and Lipstick Leader founder. She serves currently as a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Navy with 27 years of active service. She is also a mother, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, writer, strategist and is active within many leadership organizations. Sherry has one passion… the empowerment of women. She has mentored thousands of women over the years as a leader within the military. She serves to inspire, cultivate self-esteem, challenge and demonstrate her “never give up” attitude. Go to SherryStrothers.com to learn more.



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