In a school with mainly British students, Bruce Lee (Li Xiao Long) is dealing with bullying. Trying to make his family proud, Bruce performs in a dance competition and wins. This doesn’t sit well with Blair Lewis, a classmate who goes out of his way to make Bruce’s life miserable.

The fighting becomes intense and when his parents are called into the administrators office, harsh words are spoken about Bruce. His father becomes angry with the problems Bruce is causing. Trying to put his pent up frustrations in a better place, Bruce joins the boxing team which irritates rival Blair even more.

Knowing he needs more training, Bruce asks his Uncle Shao to help him with techniques. Needing more training, Bruce is sent to Master Ye Yong Chun Chuan (Spring Shadowboxing). Everything finally comes together as a friendship happens between Bruce and Blair with a win against fighter David Koffer.

When Wang Li Chao comes into the neighborhood, he wants Bruce to fight for him. Instead Bruce wants to protect those that the gangs are hurting and an angry Chao orderes a hit on Bruce that almost kills him. Needing to get away from being hurt again, Uncle Shao takes Bruce to America.

In Seattle, Washington, Uncle Shao and within a few weeks he strikes out on his own and after a time enrolls at the Edison Technical School. While there Bruce calls out the karate team which doesn’t make them happy at all. They decide it’s time to have a battle to put an end to Bruce’s talk.

Bruce wants to take up the challenge but wants press to cover the event. Now it is Bruce against Master Kimura and history is about to be made. What starts out as a battle ends in a friendship and a sharing of styles, techniques and a style that is uniquely Bruce Lee’s.

Later Bruce enrolls at the University of Washington where after some time he decides to study philosophy. Believing that he can apply what he learns to martial arts he takes up the belief of the Yin Yang and actually begins teaching students for free.

At the urging and help of Kimura, Bruce opens his own school. He also meets Linda Emery, a young woman who listens to Lee’s philosophy and wants to know more. This is also when a karate master names Yamamoto challenges Bruce because he believes the young man has disrespected karate.

Unexpectedly, Blair shows up to see Bruce and his friend event enrolls in his school. At this time Bruce also learns about Fil-Am and Jujitsu which shape his kung fu even further. Once again Yamamoto calls Bruce out for a fight and after begins sharing some of his karate with the young master.

Bruce and Linda begin a life of their own getting married after the California Karate Competition and opening a school in Oakland. Setting up the school once again angers the martial arts community especially Master Wang of the Chinese Martial Arts Association. Making matters extremely worse is that Bruce is teaching non-Chinese students! Calling Bruce out to fight, the match is interrupted by the birth of Bruce’s son Brandon.

After returning home from Hong Kong after Bruce’s father passes, the match resumes and even though Bruce is the winner, a low blow by his opponent paralyzes him. Told he may never walk again is not something you tell a person as determined as Bruce Lee.

Taking time to hear, Linda pushes Bruce to write a book on martial arts. That also gives time for him to heal and train his body again. Returning to competition, it is Chuck Norris that he will face and seeing the fight is a Hollywood producer who wants to do a movie. The whole endeavor turns Bruce away from Hollywood and back to Hong Kong but he won’t be there long.

Bruce is once again lured by Hollywood but this time to participate in a television series called “The Green Hornet,” playing the role of Kato. That short lived series sent Bruce back to Hong Kong to make the film “The Big Boss.” Of course someone else would challenge Bruce, this time it is a Thai boxer and once again Bruce absorbs the art into his own fighting style.

Bruce’s second film, “Fist of Fury,” is followed by “Way of the Dragon,” giving financial stability to the Lee family. While filming “Game of Death,” Lee begins to have headaches but doesn’t stop fighting. At a meeting to talk about other potential projects, Bruce suffers a bad headache and is given something to help.

When Bruce doesn’t wake up he is rushed to the hospital where he doesn’t regain consciousness.



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