Coming to DVD from director Frankie Chan and actor/producer Jackie Chan comes the epic story of the LEGENDARY AMAZONS.

This film tells the story of Song Dynasty, when the men of the Yang Clan are killed three women step forward to keep the families together. From She Saihua (Pei-pei Cheng), Princess Chai (Xiaoqing Liu) and Mu Guiying (Cecilia Cheung), they take it upon themselves to protect Yang Zongbao (Richie Ren). Yang is the last son in the line of Song generals.

When Zongbao is thought dead, the women come together to take on the evil army that is trying to destroy their country. To make matters worse Imperial Tutor Pan refuses to send help to the women until Mu’s son Yang Wenguang (Ziao Ming Yu) comes back with the head of the enemy leader on a plate.

What Pan and the enemy army didn’t anticipate was the will of the women who are legendary amazons!

FINAL WORD: Cheung as Mu is amazing from beginning to end. Starting out meeting husband Zongbao. She is a seriously empowered woman who not only knows what she wants but a protective mode that brings on the warrior in her. Cheung is just riveting to watch.

Liu as Princess Chai is equally as amazing to watch as not only a mother, but also the mother of many. Trying to avoid war or conflict, it did not stop her from stepping up and leading the women into battle. Cheng as She Saihua is a strong presence and very cool watching her take on the enemy.

Ren as Yang Zongbao is the strong male role and it is certainly needed as young Yu portraying Wenguang needs a father figure to guide him in the right direction as the last of the Song Dynasty.

Other cast include: Na Yu as Seventh Sister Yang, Kathy Chow as Fifth Sister Yang, Yukari Oshima as Zou Lanying, Qiao-qiao Jin as Third Sister Yang, Chun-yan Ge as Eldest Sister Yang, Zhou Ziao-fei as Yang Paifeng, Zhao Qian-yu as Xiaodouzi, Dong Liu as Ninth Sister Yang, Zihan Chen as Eighth Sister Yang and Katy Wang as Yang Jinhua.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LEGENDARY AMAZONS four tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly loved this period piece with beautiful women who have no problem grabbing a sharp sword and jumping into the fight. The colors are bold, the action is practically non-stop and the story is one filled with family, honor, love and loss.

I am a huge fan of period pieces and this film is just that, a story that Jackie Chan wanted to bring to screen with director Frankie Chan. The DVD has bonus features with a Behind the Scenes, trailers and optional English dub.

This film is being offered by Well Go USA Entertainment and is an amazing addition to any action film collection. This will also be shown at the upcoming San Diego Asian Film Festival and at a recent preview showing the audience cheered knowing it will be seen on the screen!

In the end – it is a legacy that is forged in honor!



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