Coming to DVD from director Zach Lipovsky, WWE Studios and Lionsgate comes the terrifying beginning of LEPRECHAUN: Origins.

Backpacking through Ireland, couples Sophie (Stephanie Bennett), Ben (Andrew Dunbar), Jeni (Melissa Roxburgh) and David (Brendan Fletcher) come across a little town.

Meeting the town’s folk, they learn of a dark legend from Hamish (Garry Chalk) but don’t take it too seriously. They are thrilled when Hamish offers them a cabin in the woods to stay a while and enjoy.

As night falls the couples begin to experience horror as they come face to face with the legend!

FINAL WORD: Dunbar as Ben has no problem taking a hit or two from this creature and who would expect anything less? Fletcher as David also takes the story with a grain of salt and that, my friends, isn’t a smart thing to do. Take legends seriously guys or else!

Bennett as Sophie, although freaked out and understandably so, has calm moments that can easily save her. Roxburgh as Jeni gets up close and personal with the creature and all I could think was ‘better you than me sweets!’ Nothing wrong with a little screaming but do it while you’re running girls! Good rule of thumb!

Dylan Postl gets to make his screen appearance as the Leprechaun! Postl is well known as the WWE Superstar Hornswoggle to his fans. He certainly does a fantastic job with the added bonus of amazing special effects costuming.

WWE Studios develops and produces feature films with their most recent being THE CALL with Halle Berry and OCULUS with Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff. Upcoming films from WWE Studios includes TERM LIFE with Vince Vaughn and INCARNATE with Aaron Eckhart featuring WWE Superstar Mark Henry.

LIONSGATE is a global entertainment company that brings motion pictures, television and family entertainment to viewers. Along with THE HUNGER GAMES, DIVERGENT and WARM BODIES to name a few of their fantastic films, they also have hit award-winning shows such as Mad Men and Anger Management.

Other cast include: Teach Grant as Sean, Bruce Blain as Ian, Adam Boys as Francois, and Mary Black as Mary.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LEPRECHAUN: Origins three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is definitely a creepy and horror driven film that is going to make genre fans happy.

It has a little something spooky for everyone.

I will admit I was a little let down not to see a wise-cracking little guy in green running around the film but this leprechaun, without saying much, does a good job freaking me out a little. That’s part of the process when a new generation comes along to experience a genre that has a history to it and a long history too!

The DVD features Leprechaun: An Icon Reborn and Leprechaun: Behind the Blood. Also coming to DVD is LEPRECHAUN: The Complete Movie Collection that includes all seven of the LEPRECHAUN films with all-new bonus content and never before seen scenes!

In the end – horror is reborn!



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