On DVD from Lionsgate and director Luc Campeau is the story of a nature park and what happens that brings a “Turtle Tale.”

At the George C. McGough Nature Park in Florida, three turtles — Hank, Rafi and Goliath live happily surrounded by a pond and well taken care of. Calvin (Noah Schnacky) has found himself in a bit of trouble after being caught by Kyle (Isaiah McCaffrey) damaging his father’s car.

A judge feels Calvin needs to do community service and he ends up at the park. Sarah (Mary Rachel Dudley) shows Calvin the ropes of taking care of the animals and doing chores for their care. It’s when Calvin meets Marlie (Lily Cardone) that he begins to change.

Staying away from trouble, he truly gets involved with the animals, which is why he and Marlie are devastated when Hank, Rafi and Goliath are taken! The mystery begins and discovering more creative outlets, Kyle and Calvin try a little competitive skateboarding.

The humans seem to be having a more difficult time than Hank, Rafi and Goliath who want to get back to where life is a bit less complicated. Big or small it seems the problems we face can get better with the help of friends and family!

Schnacky as Calvin is a young man who knows that all of this started with a bad decision. Wanting to make it right, Calvin still deals with anger issues but learns to trust those who only have his best interest at heart. Finding true friendship with Kyle and Marlie truly makes the world of difference for this character. Schnacky portrays his character with such believability and that’s important.

Cardone as Marlie helps at the Park interacting with the children who come to learn about the animals. Of course, she sees that Calvin is taking a liking to her but has other plans with her life. Quinn as Sarah keeps the Park running smoothly yet the criminals seem to want to make her life difficult. She trusts Calvin which is something he hadn’t experienced before.

McCaffrey as Kyle is such a great kid who wants to be accepted in his new home. He takes a liking to Calvin even after the window breaking incident and their friendship is so dang cute.

Wayne as Marty sees something in Calvin and wants him to succeed. Keeping an eye on him, Marty has a chance to make a difference in his life by listening and sharing.

Other cast include Brandon Larracuente as Ray, Bryson Powers as Chaz, Shane Rhoads as Benno, Valerie Orca as Kyle’s Mom, David Kim as Kyle’s Dad, Mimi Rice as Helen, Dylan as Casey as Monster Mike, Carrie Drazek as Calvin’s Mother and Charles Harrelson as the Doctor.

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theaters, television, home entertainment and more. Theater franchises include “The Hunger Games and “Divergent,” along with “John Wick.” Now, adding this film to its 16,000 motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at http://www.lionsgate.com.

The DVD includes the special features of “Giving The Turtles a Voice: At the Recording Studio with Mikey Bolts, Tom Arnold, Ambyr Childers and Lydia Hull Featurette,” “The Making of ‘Turtle Tale’ Featurette” and “Trailer Gallery.”

This film is a look at the problems the animals face and the problems kids go through. Both are difficult but with time, friendship and patience, everything will right itself. That’s the moral of the story that my family sees in “Turtle Tale”. Of course it is fun and has loads of humor but also the story of how we treat one another and animals who are entrusted to us all.

I actually loved the animal humor and these turtles are hilarious. My granddaughter actually adored the turtles but it was the owl that she was drawn to and thrilled with how his own journey turned out.

“Turtle Tale” is the winner of the Grand Jury Selection from the Gasparilla International Film Festival, Top Applause from the International Family Film Festival, a Love International Film Festival Winner for Lily Cardone as Best Youth Actress and Best US Film Award.

It is also the Official Selection of the Kids First Film and Video Festival, Green Bay Film Festival, the Montana International Film Festival, Skyway Film Festival, International Family Film Festival and Kids First! Film and Video Festival.

In the end — we all need to slow down to come out of our shells!



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