The Pet’s are back! Shout! Kids Factory and Hasbro Studios release LITTLEST PET SHOP: PASSPORT TO FASHION this week.

Young Blythe Baxter can talk to animals and has quite a knack for fashion. Along with friends Zoe the spaniel, Pepper the Skunk, Sunil the mongoose, Russell the hedgehog, Penny the panda, Vinnie the gecko and Minka the monkey – Blythe wants them to help her dream.

Now you know there is nothing but fun, adventure, friendship and songs to come!

FINAL WORD: This is another fantastic offering by Shout! Kids and Hasbro. There is something so extraordinary about this series. The characters are so sweet and charming, even when they are being a tad bit silly.

The series really does push the importance of friendship without being preachy which is really important when reaching kids. I really had no idea there were so many pets to LITTLEST PET SHOP and the more I see the series and research, the more I discover there are toys, video games, and even a comic book.

Hasbro Studios is an iconic brand with some of the best in animation and family programming with MY LITTLE PONY, and LITTLEST PET SHOP. Since its formation in 2009, Hasbro Studios has received seven Daytime Emmy’s!

SHOUT! Factory brings the best to fans offering up feature films, classic television series, animation and specials. For more of what they have to offer go to

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LITTLEST PET SHOP: Passport to Fashion three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This truly is the series that kids get to have a lot of fun laughing and learning but it’s also secretly fun for adults too! Oh just admit it! I have no problem saying that at 54 years of age I am really enjoying the series.

It was my granddaughter Jazzy who told me initially that this was a fun series. When she came to visit and I received my first lesson about LITTLEST PET SHOP I have to give credit where credit is due. Jazzy filled me in on everything I needed to know and how much she loved the characters. Now, LITTLEST PET SHOP has a place in our home and DVD collection!

The DVD includes the five episodes: To Paris with Zoe, Shanghai Hi-Jinks, Plane It On Rio!, The Expo Factor (Part 1) and The Expo Factor (Part 2). If that isn’t enough how about a new Sing-Along

In the end – these pets are a real trip!



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