Retired Naval officer and graduate engineer Robert Brenner recently completed extensive research to identify and categorize all the supernatural and strange happenings recorded in the Bible.

He found over 550 relevant verses. Combining duplicate references to events found in multiple books of the Bible, he synthesized the list of verses down to around 390. These were the basis for his 534-page book titled Supernatural & Strange Happenings in the Bible: An Engineer’s Study of Scripture.

The book has eight chapters that describe power over matter, power over people, power over life and death, power over demons, power over animals, power over nature, the power of prophecy, strange creatures such as giants, dragons, land monsters, and sea serpents, and paranormal realities such as sudden appearances, vanishings, teleportation, levitation, instant healings, ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, multidimensional travel, and the unseen. Each chapter includes stories based on original Hebrew and Greek writings and provides historical dates and location maps.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in Supernatural & Strange Happenings in the Bible: An Engineer’s Study of Scripture:

A hand appears out of nowhere and writes on a stone wall. A man vanishes and is instantly teleported to a town 12 miles away. The earth suddenly opens and swallows a rebellious family. An iron ax head levitates, and two people walk over the surface of a deep lake. A cloud of smoke and fire appears and moves over the ground leading a nation across the desert. Food mysteriously appears, and clothes and sandals never wear out. Plants are engulfed in flames, but don’t burn. Loud voices come from nowhere, yet everywhere. Animals talk and supernatural beings move about on earth. People die and are brought back to life. Fire comes down from the sky and flashes from earth up into the heavens. A man is abducted by a mysterious craft. And more!

What was earth like before the Great Flood? Where did the giants described in the Bible come from? Are extraterrestrial beings mentioned in the Bible? What are the “other” dimensions in our reality? What is the “Third Heaven?” Who are the Watchers? And are unseen beings near you right now?

The answers are in the Bible. With the author’s perspective, you can now read how science, technology, and religion are merging to expose amazing secrets hidden for centuries. If you’ve ever wondered about the Bible’s supernatural history, read this book and get your own EYE-OPENING LOOK into the MYSTICAL SIDE of SCRIPTURE!



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