Coming to DVD from directors Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Matthew Mebane, Adam Montierth and Donovan Montierth come the unusual tales inside LOCKER 13.

This film tells different stories but begins with Skip (Jason Spisak), a janitor at a theme park he wants to know more about the mysterious locker 13. Sensing the young man’s itch to know more, supervisor Archie (John Gries) tells him to stay out of it and to help him get the point he begins to tell tales.

His stories include boxer Tommy Novak (Ricky Schroder) who is given the opportunity to be a great boxer, a man wants into a society without understanding the consequences, a club where suicides are special, and a hit man who gets to be deliciously evil at his employers expense.

It all comes to a close when who you see isn’t always what you expect!

FINAL WORD: Spisak as Skip is the character I refer to as the “guy who starts all the crap”! Nosey Nell had to go get crazy about the secrets of the locker. Just like a five-year-old being told ‘no’ or not to do something – it just makes them even more curious and determined. Well, listen to your elder’s young man!

Seeing Schroder in the boxing ring is sort of ironic yet fantastic at the same time. Hoffman as Armondo has the chance to get insane and at the same time sets each of his victims up for a game of crazy!

Gries as Archie is a straight shooter, as straight as you can get telling some pretty outrageous stories about a spooky locker. It is good to see Huddleston in any role and equally so here as a man who needs to check his own closets.

The five stories include “The Byzantine Order”, “The Author”, “Down and Out”, “Suicide Club” and “The Other Side”.

Other cast include: Krista Allen as Patricia, Rick Hoffman as Armando, Tatyana Ali as Lucy, Jason Marsden as Suicide Jack, Curtis Armstrong as Clifford, Jesse Garcia as Ray, Thomas Calabro as Harvey, David Huddleston as Floyd Marley, Jon Polito as Don Dillon, Bart Johnson as Eugene MacClemore, and Alexander Polinsky as William.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LOCKER 13 three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Take this as a compliment but these stories remind me of TALES OF THE CRYPT and CREATURE FEATURE when I was a kid. Yes, it was THAT long ago! I love the originality of the stories and the creepy factor. Seriously, I’d rather be creeped out than grossed out (although there are a few things here that are pretty ripe!)

Each of the directors taking a shot at a story gives freshness to each – nothing worse than stale-azzed storytelling! I had a fun time watching this and that makes a bigger difference to me than sets, costuming etc. I want to know what’s going to happen next and boy did I not see some of that coming!

In the end – some doors can’t be closed!



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