Opening in theatres this Friday from directors James Mather, Stephen St. Leger and FilmDistrict comes a film from another universe with “Lockout”.

This film tells the story of Snow (Guy Pearce), a man who is wrongly convicted of espionage. To win his freedom the government offers him a chance when the President’s daughter Emilie (Maggie Grace) is taken hostage.

While interviewing prisoner Hydell (Joseph Gilgun), Emilie becomes a target. Along with older brother Alex (Vincent Regan) the men that are tired of being held in their space prison.

Now Snow races to not only save the Presidents daughter but his friend in a place where here aren’t many places to run or hide.

FINAL WORD: Guy Pearce is hilarious! He opens the film with a bang and draws you in because he’s a smart ass. He also seems like he’s having fun with this role. Pearce, although making this role his own, has some similarities to Con-Air but in space. Saving the life of his friend Mace along with Presidents daughter brings all the action.

Maggie Grace as the Pres daughter is showing concern for prisoners held in status. She plays her role it is pretty straightforward with moments of snobbiness that one would expect from the presidents daughter.

Regan as Alex is the leader of the pack trying to get out of the ship through negotiations with the President. Gilgun as Hydell, the younger brother starts everything falling apart. The brotherly love between the two reminded me of “From Dusk Till Dawn” as the younger brother just can’t be controlled and people drop like flies.

Other cast includes: Lennie James as Shaw, Peter Stormare as Langral, Jacky Ido as Hock, Mark Tankersley as Barnes, Dan Savier as Duke and Peter Hudson as the President.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Lockout” three and half tubs of popcorn out of five. With all the offerings this week this is my favorite by far. Although the special effects in the first ten minutes really aren’t what they need to be it doesn’t take away from the action from start to finish.

I can definitely see it being very popular with the military guys and anyone who likes action packed films with great one-liners. Make sure you spend your well-earned dollars in the right place this weekend and check out “Lockout”.

In the end – relax, its only space.

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