Opening in theatres this Friday from director/writer Rian Johnson and Endgame Entertainment comes a look into futures past as a LOOPER.

This film tells the story of Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), abandoned as a kid and picked up by Abe (Jeff Daniels) off the street to become a looper. In 2072, the mob has found a new way of whacking someone. They send the person into the past where men like Joe are waiting to take out a persons existence.

It’s a rich life for Joe and his buddy Seth (Paul Dano). Collecting his pay Joe is saving so that one day he can leave it all behind and head for France. That’s all about to change when Seth discovers they are going to close his loop and lets his self escape (you with me so far?).

Trying to set things right takes a turn when Joe comes face to face with – himself (Bruce Willis). In a moments hesitation, Older Joe gets away and the race begins. Abe sets his men out to capture the younger Joe while Older Joe is looking for the Rainmaker. The man responsible for starting it all, but as a child.

On a farm living away from it all is Sara (Emily Blunt), living with a son who has telekinetic powers that are beyond what any have seen. Joe discovers Cid (Pierce Gagnon), a smart little boy that Older Joe is intent on destroying.

The hunt is on and the Joe’s know what has to be done – but will it be the same?

FINAL WORD: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, three very cool names given to an actor who just amazes me. First of all, lets get it out there that his detailing playing Willis’ character, as a younger man is just stunning. There are definite Willis movements, looks and characteristics that Levitt nailed in every way. His phrasing was there as well with a voice that captured it all. All of that added so much to playing this character and making it believable and eerie at the same time. Well done JGL!

Willis as Older Joe is exactly as I would expect him to be. He lays it out from the very beginning that he’s already seen, experienced and done everything loathsome his younger self has yet to see. His attitude based on pain and anger seeps out yet there are moments of clear emotion believing in what he is doing – no matter how heinous an act it is. This is something different for Willis I believe and I loved every moment of it.

Blunt as Sara has no problem toting a gun if that’s what it takes to protect her son. Living with past mistakes is hard enough but living with Cid who is not just an average cute little boy is interesting to say the least.

Dano as Seth has a small role but I have to say every time this young actor is on screen I watch closely. As Seth he is the catalyst for the beginning of the end for Joe. Daniels gets a chance to be the greedy bad guy as Abe and, can I just say, I love him for it. The way he rolls his eyes when he’s disgusted with someone just amuses the heck out of me.

The stunning performance here for a young actor is definitely Gagnon. I have no idea where he gets that face of rage but it certainly gave me pause. One moment he is this loving little boy who is curious about everything to a little powerhouse that could probably shatter the universe if angered in the right way.

Other cast include: Noah Segan as Kid Blue, Piper Perabo as Suzie, Qing Xu as Old Joe’s Wife, Tracie Thoms as Beatrix, Frank Brennan as Old Seth, Garret Dillahunt as Jesse, Nick Gomez as Dale, Marcus Hester as Zach, Adam Boyer as Tye, Kamden Beauchamp as Daniel, and Darren Sumner as Rainmaker.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LOOPER three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This really is a unique telling of a story. It seems a little confusing but it irons itself out by paying attention so go for the ride.

The performances are nothing short of amazing with Levitt and Willis. The scene of them together in the diner is not only funny, but also weird to watch as they go face to face with whose tougher – old Joe or young Joe.

The entire cast together makes this work and with the writing/directing of Rian Johnson, also known for his work in THE BROTHERS BLOOM, BRICK and his work on BREAKING BAD, this film is a great addition his resume.

In the end – face your past and fight your future!



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