Opening in theatres from directors Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman and the Weinstein Company comes a closer look inside the life that was a lie in LOVELACE.

The film tells the story of Linda Boreman (Amanda Seyfried), a 21-year-old woman from a strong faith based family in the early ‘70s. Already having troubles at home with Mom Dorothy (Sharon Stone), it doesn’t take long for Linda to find a reason to leave home. Her father John (Robert Patrick) tried to remain calm.

Enter Chuck (Peter Sarsgaard), a bar owner who falls instantly for Linda. Taking her in after a disagreement with her mother takes Linda down a road she never could have seen coming. Introducing her to filmmakers Jerry Damiano (Hank Azaria) and Anthony Romano (Chris Noth) a deal is made and so is the history of Linda Lovelace.

Starring with Harry Reems (Adam Brody) the film DEEP THROAT is made. As Linda’s ‘star’ rises so does the violence at home from Chuck.

FINAL WORD: Seyfried as Lovelace is an interesting choice and it took me a moment to let her change of looks soak in. Once that happened she easily takes over the role. Watching her character develop (even with knowing some of the story) Seyfried handles it beautifully.

Saarsgard as Chuck is everything you’d expect a coked up womanizer to be. His brutality toward Lovelace was dark, hideous and the end result I applauded (no, I’m not going to tell you more about that – watch the film!). His character did remind me obviously of Eric Roberts (who is also in this film) character Paul Snider in the film STAR 80.

Noth as Romano is a bit surprising in this role. He is all for making the money from Linda but quickly will defend a woman being abused, interesting duality there. Azaria gets a few moments to be sleazy as well. Brody as Reems plays the role a little empty but then again the film isn’t about him.

Sharon as her mother plants a seed that lingered in this film. Remembering this is the 70’s and society still had its rules for married women and what’s expected, they are words that burn. Wilson as dad John is horrified by what his daughter has done but doesn’t judge as easily as mom.

Other cast include: Juno Temple as Patsy, Wes Bentley as Larry Marchiano, Eric Roberts as Nat Laurendi, Chloe Sevigny as Rebecca, Nicole Andrews as Carol, Bobby Cannavale as Butchie Peraino and James Franco as Hugh Hefner.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LOVELACE three and a half of popcorn out of five. This could have taken such a sleazy turn easily in the making of this film. Instead, the directors took a humane approach to a life that was full of secrets and lies.

The music, costumes – even down to the lamp shades and décor is totally of the era and gives the film a boost in believability. As someone well aware of the 70’s and all it had to offer it was a momentary trip back into time and into a history I am well aware of.

It almost boggles the mind to know that the film DEEP THROAT made over $600 million dollars and yet Linda made $1,250 in which she says, “I was in the porn industry for seventeen days”. The film was also hailed by the mainstream audience as well and caused the pornography industry to be less in the dark by the average American.

I know there is more about Linda than the film could get into which is perhaps why, after seeing the film, those interested should purchase her book ORDEAL. She came before Attorney General Meese’s commission on pornography in 1986. In 2002, Linda died in a car accident at the age of 53 leaving behind a husband and son.

In the end – X marks the legend!

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