On DVD from Star Vista & Time Life is one of the most amazing an iconic television shows from the 1980s with “Mama’s Family: Mama’s Favorites Season Six.”

The character of Thelma Harper arrived on the television screen in 1974 on the “Carol Burnett Show.” As the mother of Eunice, played by Carol Burnett herself, fans absolutely embraced the character with laughter and probably a bit of “I know someone like her!”

So that brings us to the three certainties of life which include death, taxes and Mama’s big mouth! Vicky Lawrence spent many seasons convincing us of these three things. She has the ability to tell you exactly what she thinks and at the same time doesn’t know when to stop telling you!

Thelma Mae Crowley Harper is the one and only Mama, a 60-something-year-old woman with a long, drawn out southern drawl. Good at handing out advise, she is also amazing at cooking, cleaning and staying on her family’s case! There is no mistaking this stately lady with her silver hair, round glasses, flowery outfits and a set of pearls to accent her thick support hose.

In Mama’s house lives her son Vinton Harper (Ken Berry), the youngest of Mama’s three children who lives in her home. Along with wife Naomi (Dorothy Lyman), Vinton’s two kids by his first marriage Buzz (Eric Brown) and Sonja (Karin Argoud), this is a very crowded house!

That doesn’t stop guests from arriving continually, like eldest daughter Ellen (Betty White) who tries not to acknowledge the family if she can possibly help it and daughter Eunice (Carol Burnett) manages to bicker with everyone one in the family with a nasaly scream that would clear anyone’s sinuses.

Ed (Harvey Korman) is Eunices hen-pecked husband who just tries to keep Eunice from going off the deep end. They have a teenage son Bubba (Allan Kayser) who lives with Mama after leaving juvenile hall.

Finally, there is Iola (Beverly Archer), a very happy neighbor and friend to the Harpers. She is probably the best go-between when Thelma more than likely wants to go off on the family!

The DVD includes such episodes such as Mama Fights Back as she chews out K-Ray radio’s consumer watchdog on the air and promptly gets hired as his replacement. After watching TV detective movies for a week, Mama dreams she’s a film-noir private eye in The Big Nap.

Bubba creates a flier for a senior mixer using a photo of mama’s head on a young models bikini-clad body and what happens next is Pinup Mama. But Bubba isn’t quite finished as he mistakenly books the female band The Bone Crushers to his homecoming and Mama isn’t having it.

The highlight is the finale as Vint and Naomi move from Mama’s basement with their new addition in Bye Bye – Baby!

StarVista & Time Life has put together an amazing selection of episodes in this 130 minute DVD. Along with other guest stars such as Bob Larkin, Julianna McCarthy, Lynn Milgrim, Harry S. Murphy, Stacey Qu and more it only adds to the fun that goes on in Mama’s family!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Mama’s Family: Mama’s Favorites Season Six” four tubs of popcorn out of five. It’s such a joy to remember what comic geniuses who come together for one show can do to make us all laugh. It was a fantastic show that now has a chance to make us laugh again!

Star Vista & Time Life is an amazing source for classic and iconic shows as well as music. Adding Mama’s Family to your family’s library is absolutely a must-do! To see what other amazing shows StarVista & Time Life have to offer go to www.timelife.com.

In the end — a bickering bloodline is comedy!



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