On DVD from MHz is an International Mystery from Norway that brings a conspiracy, greed and an inquisitive reporter in “Mammon.”

Peter Verå (Jon Øigarden) is investigating corruption within the system involving very large amounts of money that seem to be untraceable. His focus is Daniel Verå (Anders T. Andersen) who is beginning to feel the pressure and no way out. The information about Daniel comes from Vibeke Haglund (Lena Ellingsen), an insider who is risking everything to expose the truth.

In a single shot everything changes in one fell swoop, Peter trades investigative journalism for sports reporting and goes on with his life.

Several years later, Peter recognizes that the same thing is about to happen once again. Trying to get back into investigating he is summarily turned away by Editor in Chief Holst (Vidar Sandem). Even his good friend Frank Matheisen (Nils Ole Oftebro), who knows Peter could contribute greatly, is told Peter will not be a part of the group.

That doesn’t stop Peter from turning to Daniels widow Eva (Ingjerd Egeberg) who still wants answers as to what happened to her husband. She also wants safety for son Andreas (Alexander Rosseland). Peter knows he must once again call on Vibeke who is a wizard at information gathering.

He also must turn toward his father Tore Verå (Terje Strømdahl), a pastor who has strong opinions about the death of one son and the unrepentant actions of another. The elder Verå is also keeping his own family secrets that can’t be a secret for much longer.

Evil can’t stay hidden long as Peter begins to place, piece by piece, the story that has a long history. The trail is deadly and as the answers begin to emerge he begins to understand the powerful people involved and the reality that no one is safe – no one!

Øigarden as Verå is a man who I consider one with single vision. He sees only what’s in front of him when it comes to finding the facts about a story. Not willing to compromise on what this character learns, Øigarden lends the look of a man who won’t be swayed. That stubbornness alone brings more tragedy than he could have imagined. Well done!

Oftebro as Matheisen is a better friend that I know Verå deserved. I enjoyed Oftebro’s performance mainly because he is the one consistent person on staff! He knows the job and how it needs to be done, it’s just a shame that those around him don’t see it either. Sandem as Holst is mainly the reason for that! Trying to keep Verå out of the loop until he can fire him is a full time job.

Ellingsen as Haglund has her own demons and staying in doors is keeping them at pay. That is until Peter knocks on her door and a one-time affair is rekindled. She is a smart one!

Strømdahl as Tore Verå is the proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Tore is a stubborn and strong willed man and Peter is exactly like him! That’s very good acting to pull that pairing off and these two do it brilliantly.

Egeberg as Eva has no love loss for Peter, but when she sees he is genuinely trying to find answers she is drawn in herself. Rosseland as her son Andreas seems to have the family knack for asking questions and also wanting answers as to what happened to his father and why.

Other cast include: Anna Bache-Wiig as Inger Steffensen, Robert Skaerstad as Jensen, Terje Ranes as Jon Stensrud, Andrea Hovig as Yvonne Haugen, Hakon Ramstad as Justice Deer, Hallvard Holmen as Age Haugen, Even Rasmussen as Gisle Owning, Trond Seim as Prime Minister Woll and Dennis Storhoi as Tom Lied.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Mammon” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is an intense look at the dynamics of family, friendship and relationships in general. Doing what is right and wrong doesn’t depends on relationships with Peter Verås as much as finding out the good and evil. I know that sounds to pat of an answer but trust me when I say not everything is as it seems with this character.

The DVD contains each episode from Season One and I am intentionally being vague on the intense storyline because “Mammon” needs to play out a scene at a time to be truly enjoyed. I’m not a huge fan of spoilers so don’t look for any here!

Since the series “Borgen,” “The Killing” and “The Bridge,” I have become quite fond of all the work coming out of Norway. “Mammon” can be secure in knowing the list now includes the excellent storytelling, cinematography, technology and ensemble cast of this series.

If you may be wondering about the word Mammon, it is a biblical word for greed and worldly treasures. From the 15th Century, Mammon follows its origin from Middle English, Late Latin, Greek and Aramaic for riches. That might give you insight to the characters! I know it did for me.

In the end — you can’t serve both God and Mammon!



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