Coming to DVD this week from director/writer Steven Kostanski and Dark Sky Films comes a sci-fi story filled with action about a MANBORG.

This film tells the story of a soldier (Matthew Kennedy), fighting against the Draculon with his brother. On the battlefield when his bro is killed he tries to take on the evil army till his near death.

Taken in by Doctor Scorpius (Adam Brooks) his new persona is created and he becomes Manborg! Trying to discover what he is capable of Manborg ends up on an arena with Mina (Meredith Sweeney), Justice (Conor Sweeney) and #1 Man (Ludwig Lee) like the gladiators of old.

Yet Manborg is rejected by humans and equally treated poorly by the enemy. One thing is clear; the Baron (Jeremy Gillespie) has a crush on Mina, which is making things even more difficult for the gang.

But they must fight, and fight together they will against the demon hoard led by Count Draculon that is taking over as Manborg becomes more than he ever could have dreamed.

FINAL WORD: Kennedy as Manborg is the most unexpected person to portray a half man half borg. The only thing missing in his character is a voice layover that doesn’t match his moving lips – personally that would have been the cherry on the cake! Watching this character find his “super powers” is pretty wild.

Brooks as Scorpius is everything anyone with “doctor” in his name should be, although it would have been quite easy to use Doctor Evil if it hadn’t already been taken. I love the scene where the Baron is trying to figure out how to get Mina to notice him and the Doc just shoves him off with “buy her flowers”!

Sweeney as Minda is a cross between Wonder Woman (although I wonder more than worry about her being a woman) and a wanna-be Hit-Girl but she’s got some mean looks I have to say. Brother Justice played by Sweeney is the best over-actor I’ve seen in quite some time and that had me laughing.

Lee as #1 Man and his “voice” had me going the most. Perfection and a nod to the Asian over dubbed films absolutely! Gillespie as the Baron is so ridiculous that I wanted more. His one-liners, insecurities and attempted toughness along with the hideous mask (and kudos for being able to light up while wearing it!) are perfection for a love struck evildoer!

Other cast include: William O’Donnell as Doctor Hell (and other characters), Kyle Hebert as #1 Man’s voice, Brian Edward Roach as an Elite Guard, Ivan Henwood as Sarge and Andrea Karr as Shadow Mega.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MANBORG three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film was reaching back into some serious film and television shows of my youth. From the animation, to the graphics to the horrible voice-overs, it is insanely put together with fantastic results.

The character battle scenes reminds me of the CLASH OF THE TITANS (early and best version), while added so many genre’s of films it’s a mish-mash of fun, laughs, cool graphics and a Manborg like no other. There is TERMINATOR and ROBOCOP for sure! Add this to the cheesy awesome section of any video collection and it won’t go unwatched!

The DVD includes special features: Commentary with director Steven Kostanski, actor Jeremy Gillespie and executive producer Peter Kuplowsky, deleted and alternate scenes, stop motion montage, VFX montage, short, film, premier Q&A, interviews and the trailer.

Dark Sky Films is one of the largest independent entertainment companies with respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television programs. For more check them out on twitter: @darkskyfilms.

In the end – only a Manborg can save humanity!

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