Ladies, hopefully by now everyone is prepped for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball aka our Hollywood Red Carpet event. MAC Cosmetics should have a customer rewards program because the products are calling my name every big social event. Whether you are attending your first or fifteenth Marine Corps Ball enjoy reading below.

Before You Go:
Listen to Cinderella. She was crazy to wear those shoes. Wear something comfortable. You may be standing before, during & after cocktail hour, or walk 100+ yards to do your pictures so if you can’t walk a marathon in 6 inch heels reconsider those stilettos.

DO: If you can afford to splurge on hair, makeup & nails do, if you don’t ask a friend or neighbor to do it for you. It’s worth it!

DON’T: Wear animal print, see through, a potential nip slip dress, wedding dress, too tight dress or high slits. If you do you may be asked to leave and at the bare minimum possibly put negative spotlight on your husband or boyfriend.

DON’T: Wear a short dress. This is a formal event and even if you’re a short girl or think you look good in short dresses. Don’t! It’s not 1776 yet the guys wear their most formal attire with the history and traditions that men who fought and died for this country originated so a mini-skirt or cocktail dress is more than disrespectful.

At the Ball:
Get drunk & tell a commanding officer he’s “fun-sized” or flip off the camera, yes it has been done.

DO: Show up on time. Map out your route before you go so you’re not late even if you do get lost. You should be there with enough time to grab a drink, mingle and hit the bathroom if needed before the ceremony.

DO: Be polite & expect to socialize. You may be ‘voluntold’ to socialize with women who may or may not be your husbands’ boss so remember now is not the time for politics, military bashing or cursing.

DO: Stand & place your hand over your heart when the flag is passing, the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance or Marine Corps Hymn is playing

DO: Pay attention. Giggling, whispering and texting are a no-no during the ceremony.
Don’t: stress. Not everything has to be perfect.

DON’T: Forget to take pictures!!

For those spouses who are attending the ball make the most of your experience. These events are great for socializing & strengthening your support network while being with your man in his Dress Blues.

OOH-RAH! Happy Birthday Marines!

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