‘Masterminds’ steals laughs on Blu-ray

Planning to heist on Blu-ray and DVD this week from director Jared Hess and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a plan put together by “Masterminds,” sort of.

David (Zach Galifianakis) is a man of simple means. Having big dreams early in life, he has settled for a rather routine one as a driver for Loomis armored car service. Engaged to Jandice (Kate McKinnon) he is going along to get along while dreaming of a more adventurous time. His day got better the moment that Kelly (Kristen Wiig) walked through the Loomis doors.

Striking up a friendship with Kelly, it becomes clear that friendship is not all David sees with crush in his eyes. The two share talks and laughs together which is something he doesn’t have at home. Having lunch together in the Loomis lunchroom, Kelly gets in the face of the boss and she’s had enough. Walking out is the heartbreak David is use to as he goes back to his routine.

Kelly has other plans when partner Steve (Owen Wilson) want to get their hands on what is inside the vaults at Loomis. Devising a plan to get his grubby hands on the cash, he enlists Kelly talking her into using David’s feelings for her as a way in. After everything that can go wrong does go wrong, David still manages to escape with $17 million dollars. Kelly puts David on a plane to get away with the promise that she would join him as soon as the heat is off.

What she doesn’t know is that Steve has other plans, which include a psychotic hit man Mike McKinney (Jason Sudeikis) who takes his job very seriously. Once David realizes what has happened, he puts the big girl panties on and makes a master plan of his own!

Galifianakis as David is simple and settled in the uniform wearing life. This is a character that he makes seem easy to play and perhaps it’s because we have caught glimpses of him before (which I don’t mind as long as it makes me laugh!). From the character of Alan in “The Hangover” series of films to taking on Will Ferrell as Marty Huggins in “The Campaign,” his way of getting laughs is by being the straight guy but in such a unique way that he really isn’t! The haircut kept me captivated the entire film!

Wiig as Kelly is an out spoken gal who isn’t going to take anything from her Loomis boss yet pretty much lets Steve lead her around for the sake of a few bucks. Using her feminine wiles to get David to do her bidding gives her several moments of pause about doing the right thing by a sweet guy who happens to be crushing on her. Wiig has made a successful career out of playing the victim while victimizing with her sheepish grin and innocent eyes.

Wilson as Steve — see douche bag in the dictionary and this guy’s picture would be right there. He uses everyone and everything letting the money get to his head. Wilson’s character just smooth talks everyone and isn’t about to let anyone take a dollar from his nice home filled with drums of money.

McKinnon as Jandice had me howling with laughter. It is talent to make someone laugh using expression and body language but it is an EXCEPTIONAL talent who can cause laughing by barely using any facial expressions at all. This is a jewel character and McKinnon embraces it to the point of perfection. I lost it totally during the scenes between her, Galifianakis and the photographer. I’m going to bet there are tons of outtakes just with her and I’d love to see them.

Sudeikis as McKinney the psycho hit man is another brilliant character. A hit man who finds friendship at the end of a silencer is a character that deserves applause.  I think maybe he and Jandice should get together because there could be magic there. Sudeikis gets a chance to be cheesy, crazy and a friend all at the same time which I don’t think is a bad gig at all.

Other cast include Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Michelle, Ken Marino as Doug, Leslie Jones as Detective, Devin Ratray as Runny, Jill Jane Clements as Beryl and Daniel Zacapa as Quintero.

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“Masterminds” is a slapstick comedy filled with the silliest characters yet — it works! Galifianakis leads this band of merry masterminds and pretty much steals the show. Get ready to use every range of giggling, chuckling, snorting, and laughing in your arsenal because the jokes are either in-your-face or “what did he/she just say?” I appreciate that subtle sense of comedy and “Masterminds” delivers.

This is a film that is worthy of ordering pizzas, a couple of six packs, call all your comedy-loving friends and make a movie night of it (they will thank you!). “Masterminds” is quirky, funny, twisted and, like the heist, a simple plan for a good time. The Blu-ray & DVD comes in at an hour and a half with special features that include “The Imperfect Crime.”

In the end — someone is about to get stupid rich!



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