Opening in theatres this week is the next installment in family fun in CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2. Literally picking up where the first film left off Flint (Bill Hader) has left town to seek employment. Landing a job with his idol Chester V (Will Forte), Flint is sent to clean up the island.

Upon his return he discovers that things are a little different than he thought. His machine is still operating and making food monsters like crazy tacodiles and pickles and cute little strawberries!

Along with Sam (Anna Faris), Earl Devereaux (Terry Crews) and Steve (Neil Patrick Harris) they must stop the craziness and save the world one food group at a time.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS was such a huge success among kids and their families that it only made sense to bring a new story back to the screen. Having the opportunity to chat with both directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn turned out to be just as much fun as the film!

Tell me about wanting to get involved with the film once again?

Cody: I really loved working on the first film with Chris and really wanted to continue the story.

Kris: We had a lot of ideas in the first film that we didn’t get to realize so this was our opportunity to come back into the world of Cloudy and fulfill some of those dreams.

Did you feel as if you wanted the film to slide from the first right into the second storyline?

Cody: We had a whole monster movie ending for the first CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS that had to be cut for time reasons. The idea of starting the movie literally sixty seconds after the first film was a really a good idea for us.

Kris: We had scenes that I was yearning to finish.

Did you see the reaction at Comic Con to the trailer of the film – just the trailer!

Kris: It was really exciting!

Cody: I had to breathe, drink a lot of water and relax.

When 7,000 people were screaming as a title came across the screen that had to be amazing for you?

Cody: That was actually pretty awesome.

I was actually sitting in the front row dead center in Hall H and I was a little deaf from the screaming.

Kris: We were in the loading dock right before that among celebrities so I think I was a little in shock in the presence of so many stars like Peter Dinklage. It was pretty cool though.

Creating the monsters, because they really aren’t monsters, how did you come up with those incredible names

Cody: It was Lewis Carroll who came up with the two-word idea for names. So for us it was like watermelon and elephant is a watamelaphant. Chris and I had done some drawings of how we thought they would look and told the designers what we were looking for.

Kris: They came back with 200 drawings of these creatures. There was a buffet of fun.

Cody: Once you start with the names you can’t stop really.

The design, did you all just sit around and have fun doing this?

Kris: A lot of it was dictated by the story. We wanted certain foods that would look good on camera and knew we had to have a cheeseburger since it was iconic in the first film. We also went with what our plot was demanding.

Cody: We even did the food animal hybrids and three different kinds of species of things.

Kris: We didn’t want them to totally sound like English but more native to their own world. Cody, how did you come up with the one language?

Cody: You mean the gibberish?

Kris: Yes.

Cody: That is baby talk! The pickles were fun to do gargling with water mixed with gibberish.

You both sound like you had such a good time doing this film; it seems so genuine like a creative toy store for you both.

Cody: That’s what it was, a big toy store. We had such great collaborators and everyone wanted to play.

Kris: All 300+ in our crew had permission to be funny!

Cody: We wanted to hear from everyone to be creative and make it fun.

You had such amazing talent in your cast including Bill Hader.

Kris: He is a funny guy and fun too.

Cody: The guy is hilarious.

Are you thrilled that everyone jumped on board wanting to have the same good time as you both?

Kris: The fact that they wanted to come back and support us and Terry Crews jumped on board.

Hey, you had NPH so you know its good right?

Cody: He is a good guy too.

When you were laying down the animation, did you find something technologically new for this film animation?

Kris: Our guys came up with something called Depth Styling for this film and basically in animation you have the background and in a cg you use matt paintings. This technology allowed things to pop and either look 3D or look like a painting.

Cody: We were going to an organic state with this film. We pushed the texture for the feeling of the painting and when we asked if they could do it, they pulled it off.

Indeed they did as CLOUD WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALL 2 hits theatres tomorrow. With an amazing cast including Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Andy Sandberg, Benjamin Bratt, Kristen Schaal and so many more it is a good time to be had by all. Grab the kids and make a Saturday morning special of it at your local theatre.

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