Memoir presents factual view of military history, dispels myths of American soldiers’ time spent in Korea

“Punchy Company: A Memoir of the Cold War, Uijeongbu, Korea, 1969 – 1974” by Peter M. Solstad shows what time in Korea was like for young soldiers

(PR NewsChannel) / April 12, 2012 / EWA BEACH, Hawaii/ In “Punchy Company: A Memoir of the Cold War, Uijeongbu, Korea, 1969 – 1974” (ISBN 0615564151), Peter M. Solstad describes the feelings, sights and sounds that came with serving as a junior officer in Korea during the Cold War in the 1970s.
Solstad reveals secrets of ‘The Ville,’ or village, which brought in a lot of money, alcohol and beautiful, yet poor, women. He describes how the youngest and more naïve soldiers took full advantage of this state of mind which ultimately led to trouble. He calls ‘The Ville’ an actualized state of mind that was shameless in filling the desires of young men through the use of young women and alcohol.

Still, Solstad presents the five years in Korea with his peers as intimate and familiar. He shows readers how everything unravels quickly starting with his arrival following through to his many assignments and promotions. However, when the author reminisces on he and his soldiers time serving, he notes a gap between the soldiers of today and the soldiers of yesterday. He says the difference between his generation and the current generation serving in wars is the ability to give up some of their youth.

“My generation believed it was our duty to give up a portion of our youth to serve our country, leaving our later years to ourselves,” Solstad says. “The current generation does not share this view, which is pregnant with danger to one and all, for voluntary service tempers youth to adulthood.”

He hopes those who served in the military will enjoy his book as it reminds them of a time that was pure and simple, despite the tumultuous political issues. Solstad believes that military personnel, both past and present, will be able to relate the emotions, thoughts and experiences in “Punchy Company,” whether they were stationed in Korea, Iraq or the United States.

“Punchy Company: A Memoir of the Cold War, Uijeongbu, Korea, 1969 – 1974” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:
Peter M. Solstad is a graduate from the University of Minnesota. He served in the United States Army Signal Corps as a commissioned officer and in the Air Force as an information technology executive. His time spent in the military spanned 38 years in various locations in America and abroad. He is now retired and lives in Hawaii.



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