Coming to Bluray from Well Go USA Entertainment and director Heung-Sik Park is a tale of secrets and revenge all hidden in the “Memories of the Sword.”

In Korea during the Goryo Dynasty there were three warriors who fought against the tyranny of a king. Deok-ki (Byung-hun Lee), Poong-chun (Soo-bin Bae) and Seol-rang (Do-yeon Jeon). When surrounded it becomes clear that Deok-ki has other plans when he, and Seol-rang turn on Poong-chun.

Eighteen years later Seol-rang, now blind, is raising Seol-hee (Go-eun Kim), the daughter of Poong-chun and teaching her the ways of the sword. Seol-rang also knows the time is coming where the entire story will be told and revenge will become the young girls aim.

Deok-ki is now a powerful man in the court of the King and his greed is pushing him even further up the ladder. That doesn’t stop the memories from flooding back when he comes face to face once again with Seol-rang.

Secrets have a way of changing everything one believes!

Jun as Seol-hee is a head strong eighteen year old girl who loves adventure. That is until adventure becomes her reality when family secrets are spilled and she must decide on her course of action. Receiving the Asia Rising Star Award at the 12th Annual New York Asian Film Festival in 2013, it is clear this young lady will be seen again. I certainly hope so as I enjoyed her performance very much in this film.

Jeon as Seol-rang has the task of raising and teaching Seol-hee knowing that someday the two women would have to accept a fate for one of them. Portraying such an intense person, Jeon adds the extra task of portraying her character blind. Wearing a mother’s heart on her sleeve isn’t something she can do but it’s there in every move she makes.

Lee as Deok-ki is no surprise to me. He has been in such films as HERO (2007), G.I. JOE: Rise of the Cobra, RED 2 and Rush Hour 4. The two films he did that won me over are the role of Park Chang-yi in THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD (2008) and I SAW THE DEVIL (2010). Comedy, drama or horror, Lee grabs a role and doesn’t let you forget his talent or his face for one second.

Other cast include: Kyeong-yeong Lee as the Master, Jun-Ho Lee as Yool, Tae-woo Kim as Jon-bok and Soo-an Kim as Goo-Seul.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Memories of the Sword” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I absolutely love so much about this film but foremost is the cinematography. There are long shots in slow motion that are so beautiful in the midst of such sadness. It’s the mash of these two emotions that bring the viewer into the film entirely.

The cast is brilliant together considering the weight lies on the main three characters. I love the resolve each shows to the part they play in the history. These three actors stay inside the character so deeply and it shows in their eyes.

The costuming, as always, is just beautiful and I mean stunningly so. In making a period piece I have always been drawn toward films that push the limits of costuming. The exquisite brilliance of the colors just dazzles me.

Director Park is also responsible for BRAVO MY LIFE! And MY MOTHER THE MERMAID and I enjoyed those films as well. He allows the viewer to become invested in characters and the story. Well done!

In the end — revenge will come!



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