On DVD from TG4 and MHz is an intense series about life, family and the need to succeed in “Corp + Anam.”

Living in Ireland, television reporter Cathal MacIarnain (Diarmuid de Faoite) is living a full life. At home with wife Mairead (Maria Doyle Kennedy), rebellious daughter Sorcha (Una Ni Fhlatharta) and young son Seimi (Eanna O’Coileain), he is slowly becoming an absence in their eyes. It doesn’t help when he is called to the story of teens killed in a head on collision starts out as the blame-game to police and slowly turns into so much more.

When Mairead’s father Tom (Tom MacArdghail) comes to live at home, Mairead is more certain that it’s time to find something for herself. Now with both parents working outside the home, Sorcha decides to deal with bullying school boys in her own way and turns to the internet to cause them trouble. The problem is Sorcha gets herself involved in something frightening that bounces back on Cathal with devastating impact.

Cathal starts to follow a case that a young woman claims she was abused by a chaplain. Frustrated that the door seems to be closing on every turn, he finds a man who knows everything Cathal needs to break open the case. All of this drives Cathal even harder when another story of corruption with high ranking officials lands on his desk. The problems at home aren’t getting any better and Tom uses the kindness of his family in ways that aren’t grandfatherly.

While Mairead begins working for a local attorney, she also discovers that there is a part of her family’s life that has been a secret. In looking through Tom’s papers after an attack puts him in the hospital, Mairead notices paperwork from a local adoption service that makes no sense to her. Taking it upon herself, she writes letters of inquiry and opens up a family secret that devastates them all and adds more fuel separating the marriage.

The case of John McGuire is the next story Cathal takes. A man and his wife are being bullied out of their ancestral home by hungry land grabbers giving the Glynn family to fight on their own. Claiming there is no will stating Glynn inherited the land from family, the court turns on the Glynn’s as well. The outrage lands John Glynn in jail and Cathal can’t get the paperwork from the attorney. Everything about the case is suspicious to Cathal and now he must enlist the help of Mairead who at first resists until realizing her estranged husband is truly worried about the Glynn’s.

The corruption of this story goes deeper than Cathal and Mairead could have imagined as the truth begins to emerge and it could be deadly!

De Faoite as Cathal is a man clearly on a mission to discover the truth in the stories he covers. Leaving no stone unturned he does his job and even when mistakes are made it doesn’t stop him from the truth. The bigger problem here is that with all his bulldogging to get the story, Cathal tends to forget there are people in his life that need him as well. De Faoite does an excellent job in this role and watching his reaction to what is happening around him is intense and sad at the same time. That’s what makes the character of Cathal believable are the reactions by de Faoite with the bad and the ugly of the world he covers.

Kennedy as Mairead is just amazing! Can you tell I’m a tad partial? I am a huge fan and Kennedy always brings it to every role she takes on. The first time I saw Kennedy was in the film “Moll Flanders” (which is a favorite in my household) and then again in the 1999 in the series “Queer as Folk.” So imagine my thrill when she was cast in the 2007 series “The Tudors” as Queen Catherine of Aragon up against Jonathan Rhys Meyers King Henry VIII! That is followed by “Dexter” and the beloved “Downton Abbey” as Vera Bates. Another fan favorite is the series “Orphan Black” as Kennedy continues to keep viewers in suspense in her role as Siobhan Sadler.

Fhlatharta as Sorcha does her absolute best to totally annoy me. As a teenager she is clearly doing everything possible to go against her parents resenting them both. Fhlatharta convinces me easily that she is a teenager who will push buttons. O’Coileain as Seimi is a young man easily persuaded to do the bidding of his grandfather. He also is clearly ready to push his parents buttons every chance he gets.

Mhonaghail as Dheirdre is the television editor who one minute wants Cathal’s head on a platter and the next takes chances to get the scoop. I love her attitude! O’Gairbhi as Tannion is a character that makes everyone hate lawyers, well done.

A shout out to Linda Bhreathnach as Sarah who is the quite camera girl yet her presence is amazing. She puts up with so much from Cathal and also finds herself in a dangerous situation because of that colleague she trusts. In future seasons I’m rooting for her to move up the ladder of success.

Other cast include Noel Magee as Brian Cooke, Donal O Healai as John Glynn, Sinead Ni Fhlatharta as Mags, McGuire, and Paul McCloskey as Tony Byrne.

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TG4 is the Public Broadcaster Service in Ireland for the Irish-language audience. Available in almost all the homes in Ireland, there programming includes news, current affairs, sports, music, drama, children’s television and television. TG4 has won a slew of national and international awards for their programs and deservedly so.

“Corp + Anam” is a series that is brilliantly written addressing many of the issues found around the world. From the dangers of teens and computers, domestic abuse, corporate squashing of those who can’t fight back to the family issues we all face everyday, this series doesn’t hold back.

The cast is absolutely amazing and I have to say it is brilliant that this series took on so many serious issues. There was no sugar coating or holding back which I appreciate about a storyline that I want to invest time in.

Leaving off at Season Two I can also say that I am truly excited to see where these characters go. The writers have opened the door in a stellar way to continue sharing with us all Cathal and Mairead’s careers and marriage, the kids growing up and the stories that need both of their help to stop injustices in their community.

The DVD includes all 410 minutes of Season One and Season Two with English subtitles from the Irish Language, which is fascinating to hear. “Corp + Anam” is a critically acclaimed Irish-Gaelic thriller that will leave you wanting more.

In the end — what stain is on your soul?



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