Today on Bluray from director Jake Szymanski and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment a comedy of brothers as “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.”

Dave (Zac Efron) and Mike (Adam Devine) are as close as two brothers can be. The problem is that from one family gathering to the next, these brothers are a hot mess at creating trouble.

That’s when it’s time for a family intervention! Dad Burt (Stephen Root) and Mom Rosie (Stephanie Faracy) are worried that with the upcoming nuptials of sister Jeanie (Sugar Lyn Beard) to Eric (Sam Richardson). Showing the boys their screw ups, Jeanie begs her brothers to find nice girls as wedding dates and behave themselves.

Not wanting to disappoint their sister, the boys reach out and become media sensations to find good girls to take to the wedding in Hawaii. Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) see their plea and decide that the only way to get this free Hawaiian vacation is — to play the role of good girls.

After setting up a meeting in the most unusual way, the guys decide these are definitely girls everyone will love! Arriving in Hawaii, the girls are thrilled but quickly plot on how they can get away for party time. Heading to the family gathering, the girls are accepted quickly by Mike and Dave’s family.

Dave and Alice seem to hit it off right away but Mike and Tatiana are playing a game of cat and mouse. Not making things easy is Cousin Terry (Alice Wetterlund) who also has eyes for Tatiana.

Of course once Mike discovers what Tatiana and Alice are up to, he freaks out and that’s when disaster begins. The two brothers’ clash, the girls aren’t helping, sister gets a little happy, secrets are spilled, Mom and Dad are done and the wedding is off!

Efron as Dave is devoted to his brother but there are moments when he wants more for his future. Feeling he owes a lot to a brother that has been standing up for him since childhood, it isn’t until he meets Alice that what Dave wants has importance. Efron is, of course, cute and fun to watch.

Devine as Mike is absolutely bonkers! From the way he screams to the way he cries, I’m sure I had a confused look on my face and translated meant ‘how does he do that?’ followed by laughter. Mixed in with that a high pitched squeal that sent my cat flying out of the room I could only laugh harder.

Kendrick as Alice starts out trying to get over a broken heart by drowning everything in alcohol. Getting away to Hawaii was her only chance of coming back from it (as Tatiana would say) and liking Dave actually wasn’t in the plan. I loved the hilarious scenes with sister Jeanie! Plaza as Tatiana tries to be the tough one of the two gals keeping Mike on an emotional leash. Having a great time she doesn’t want the party to end bringing on a lot of chaos!

Beard as sister Jeanie might have the best scene in comedy ever when it comes to a different kind of message — it will be memorable for some time to come. Wetterlund as Cousin Terry is seriously, I think, a little more messed up than her cousins. Richardson as Eric watches all the family chaos and when push comes to shove has his moment to shine.

Root as Dad Burt spends most of the movie shaking his head at the boys — and why wouldn’t he? Those two are a walking disaster! Mom Rosie loves her sons but has no problem using colorful descriptors about their behavior.

Other cast include: Lavell Crawford as Keith, Mary Holland as Becky, Kumail Nanjiani as Keanu, Jake Johnson as Ronnie and Marc Maron as Randy.

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“Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” is certainly a comedy that even pays homage to “Wedding Crashers” taking it a few steps further. Efron and Devine bounce off of each other in ways that I can’t even imagine how many times they cracked up during filming. Kendrick and Plaza are equally entertaining and the scene where they have a realization is so hilariously confusing!

This is comedy from start to finish and definitely doesn’t give a lot of time to catch your breath. If your going to laugh, why not laugh for and hour and a half with another 90 minutes of funny with extras.

The Bluray and DVD includes the Special Features 14 Deleted Scenes, 16 Extended Scenes, Alternate Storyline Pig Sequence, Bits on Bits on Bits, Lin-O-Rama, Gag Reel, Funny Or Die Shorts, Director Commentary, Gallery, Red Band Trailer and Theatrical Trailer.

In the end — they needed hot dates but got hot messes!



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