Coming to DVD this week from director Richard Gray and Phase 4 Films comes a tale of friends who can’t trust what they see with MINE GAMES.

This film tells the story of Michael (Joseph Cross) and his friends Lyla (Briana Evigan), Claire (Julianna Guill), Rose (Rebecca Da Costa), Lex (Rafi Gavron), Guy (Ethan Peck) and TJ (Alex Meraz).

Going away for a weekend of fun it starts out with a car accident. After a little walk they turn up at beautiful home in the woods. While wandering around they discover a mine and right away everyone begins to feel differently about the trip.

A few of them begin to have hallucinations about what they are seeing in the mine. Rose begins to have deeper hallucinations than the rest and everyone suspects Michael is behind it.

Locking him up in the mine, they others decide what to do next – but it may not be up to them!

FINAL WORD: Cross as Michael has just the right amount of cuteness to want to trust that he wouldn’t do what they are thinking he did – follow me? As much as the others would like nothing better than to medicate him, I think Mike is the least of their problems.

Da Costa as Rose is the one woman I think I’d listen to. From the moment her visions became group oriented my response was ‘oh hell no!’ She seems to have a grip on the fact that these individuals need to put on their track shoes and get the frakk out of Dodge!

Evigan as Lyla really knows what’s up but doesn’t want to think the worse – trust me I get it but girl but yikes! Here’s a simple recipe to follow…when things go freaky in a place you’ve never been before – leave!

Guill as Claire doesn’t realize how good she’s actually got it! Gavron as Lex is fascinating and the girl love him even if they won’t admit it. Peck and Meraz round out the men folk who know something is creepy but won’t say it out loud – until it’s too late!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MINE GAMES three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Trust me when I tell you to pay attention because not everything is at it seems. That’s what makes a descent horror film – keeping people guessing.

Of course it’s the creepy music, the dark scenes, the running and chasing that will have the viewers jumping in their dark homes. Admit it; horror movies aren’t fun if you are sitting in a lighted room! Seriously, go pop some corn and gather up a few friends for a Friday night Fright Fest and play some MINE GAMES.

In the end – they are sealing their own fates!



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