Coming to theatres from director Bryan Ramirez and Mission Park Productions is a story of four friends who chose their paths through MISSION PARK.

This film tells the story of four friends who as boys experience a tragedy that will haunt them into adulthood. Two boys graduate high school and go off to college as two get left behind.

Now recent FBI graduates Bobby (Jeremy Ray Valdez) and Julian (Will Rothaar) have been called for an assignment that will bring them home. They have been asked to infiltrate friends’ Jason (Walter Perez) and Derek (Joseph Julian Soria) who have drug organization that the FBI seem unable to get to.

The plan is to have Bobby incarcerated first to gain contact with Derek while Julian keeps his distance. Feeling their early relationship will give the FBI the way in they’ve been looking for it all begins. When Julian least expected it the brutal tides turn quickly against him.

Now, his goal is to bring down those responsible and nothing will stop him, not even his badge.

FINAL WORD: Valdez as Bobby has a huge weight to carry in this film. Wanting to get away from the life that he could have easily lived, being an FBI agent is more than he could have realized. The portrayal is stark, gritty and Valdez puts in every ounce of emotion to play the duality of Bobby.

Rothaar as Julian is close to Bobby by family and friendship. It is a bitter scene to play when they see Jason and one that changes the dynamic of the film entirely. Soria as Derek is the kid that follows and in this case follows the wrong friend. There comes a moment when he must choose but even then it’s not straightforward.

Perez as Jason seems to have no remorse for starting a chain of events that began in childhood. His words are calm and smooth but his intent is anything but. Instead, he keeps the drug dealer image behind the expensive house and manicured nails. Perez does a good job up till his demeanor changes.

MISSION PARK has won several awards including Best Acting Performance, Director and Narrative Feature by the Boston International Film Festival. Also, from WorldFest Houston the Special Jury Award in 2013.

Other cast include: Fernanda Romero as Gina, Jesse Borrego as Mr. Ramirez, Sean Patrick Flanery as the Captain, Douglas Spain as Agent Ortiz, Julio Cedillo as Det. Rodriguez, David J. Phillips as Det. Jones and Vivica A. Fox as Agent Montelongo.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MISSION PARK three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is an amazing film that is doesn’t hold back in its reality of friendships and when friendships can no longer be sustained. There is an underlying sadness from the moment the trigger is pulled to the very end. This isn’t about being a police action and I for one am happy about that.

Instead, the tellers allow the viewer to experience the story through the eyes of a man who wants nothing more than to make his family proud. The cast works together to bring the story believability, an honest heart and an ending that is both riveting and shocking!

In the end – deception has no friends!

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